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Opinion Outpost

About Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost is a free community where members are rewarded for sharing their opinions in various types of paid surveys about dozens of new and current topics and products.

How does it all work?
Once you sign up for a free membership, you’ll be asked to confirm your info so they know you’re a real person. After those quick steps, you’ll start receiving invites in your email that will securely bring you to surveys. You can also log on to OpinionOutpost.com and take surveys through a button on your account page. Each time you complete a survey, Opinion Outpost will deposit points safely into your account which can be redeemed for cash and rewards.

Why is joining for free a solid idea?
Simple: because Opinion Outpost gives you cash and rewards for completed surveys. You can earn cash through PayPal or opt for an Amazon.com Gift Card Claim Code*. They even offer iTunes gift cards* as a reward option. They’re also proud to provide the option to redeem points for cash that Opinion Outpost will donate to the American Red Cross.

Aside from taking surveys for money, why else should you sign up?
If you don’t sign up and participate, you won’t be eligible to win $10,000 in their quarterly prize draw. Each quarter they give away $10K like it’s going out of style. All you have to do is be an active member of the panel and participate in surveys to earn entries.

Note: If you are having technical issues with Opinion Outpost, reach out to Susan.Evans@surveysampling.com for assistance.

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Monday, December 08, 2014 by Lois

Completed over 30 minutes worth of a survey and was told I had been screened out. The survey was only worth 15 points anyway. This has happened before but not to this extent. I refuse to use this site anymore.

"The best so far"
Sunday, December 07, 2014 by Monika

I have joined I lot of those survey panels and so far this is the best. Lots of survey opportunities, not always very interesting indeed but they are very accurate with the points you earned. And the payments are fast and fair. I give 5 stars and highly recommended this site.

Sunday, December 07, 2014 by Brenda

This survey has another one, they are both from survey sampling.They lock your account when you have redeemed to many points. They should not be used by anyone.

"They Suck Now"
Tuesday, December 02, 2014 by Lindee

This company used to be good. However, they recently got upgraded and they suck now. I can spend a half hour on a survey only to be told I didn't qualify, which never happened before on their old site. The incentives seem to have gone down. I get emails for a lot of 30 minute surveys that only pay 10 points. I often receive emails to surveys and click on them the same day only to be told that they already have enough respondents. I don't recommend this company to anyone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 by houa

This site is awesome! Love the surveys and how quickly im able to redeem my points for rewards. Thank you! :-)

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