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Opinion Outpost General Information

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is run by Survey Sampling International. Members are awarded "Opinion Points" for completing surveys.

"lots of rewards"
Friday, April 04, 2014 by Susan

There is a lot of rewards with this panel. I have been a member for years and it is one of the better ones. I redeemed a reward for an amazon gift card which did not go through and they solved it with in 24 hours.

Thursday, April 03, 2014 by Valentin

Talk about on the spot, you've got to work your butt off to get paid. I also get a whole bunch of them were i don't quality after either finishing the survey or in between the survey. There is also plenty of 1-5min surveys that really last 10-20min. Ive totaled 7k points out of 688 survey completions. I agree with most that it pays quick which is why i really like this site.

"Pays out immediately when you redeem points!"
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 by Michelle

I love that Opinion Outpost sends my Amazon gift codes immediately when I hit "redeem".

But, I do not like that some of the surveys are allowed to ask me over 10 minutes of questions and then disqualify me.

My method of avoiding that is to close the window of any survey that's asked more than 2 qualification questions. I tend to get more points for my time that way.

"Great site but you really have to put the work in"
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 by James

I've attempted 467 surveys on this site and completed a mere 70 since I've been a member (roughly 6 months).
That's a surprisingly low 15% success rate. As with any survey site, Your Mileage May Vary Drastically from what other reviewers say.

As far as the support the survey site offers, it's very good. I've had a few issues with surveys not crediting me and gotten a reply within 24 hours...unless that's on a weekend day and then I've had to wait all the way until monday to get a response. One survey I finished I have to wait 2-4 weeks to receive my award. It was a pretty long survey to boot like 30 minutes or so. That's pretty annoying but I guess it's how it is. Overall this still is one of the best survey sites out there and I've put lots of time and effort into about a dozen or so sites since I started a year ago. Great site but it could use some improvement in my opinion..

"Used to be good...too many unpaid surveys now"
Saturday, March 29, 2014 by John

This site has so many surveys that you'll spend the time completing and when you hit submit it'll say something to the effect of "We're sorry, you don't qualify" This happens a lot now and is very annoying.
When I see the 25 minute ones now, I won't even touch them just because of this.

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