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American Consumer Opinion General Information

American Consumer Opinion

Survey Types: Online surveys, not usually more than 10 minutes long. Product testing opportunities are also available.

Most surveys award 100+ points, and even survey screeners are worth between 10-50 points.

Since 1997, Decision Analyst has operated the American Consumer Opinion online survey panel. The panel currently has over 6 million members across 150 countries. Decision Analyst is a member of the BBB and holds memberships towards many prestigious marketing associations.

Eligibility: Residents of Worldwide, 14+.

"Used to be good... SEE UPDATE"
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 by Ashlaye

Surveys aren't too lengthy, sent frequently and are on a range of topics relating to (in my case) babies, clothing, and grocery habits :), and accumulating enough points to redeem is always super easy. Never have a problem with depositing the check into my account. Only wish it had a Paypal option.

**Updated 08-05-14: Waiting on a Paypal payment of $30+ requested back May 31. Have had two other payments go through with no problem, so this is a new one for me. Sent email to inquire, but no response. Guess I'll be joining the rest of users who plan to wait for payment then unsubscribe/ cancel their membership. :(

"Still waiting for payment!"
Sunday, August 03, 2014 by Jean

I'm so glad I found the Survey Police site. I have been fuming over my lack of payment from American Consumer Opinion and now I know I'm not alone. I submitted my request on May 11 for over $150. I attempted to contact them via the ACOP site and have not received any feedback. Additionally, I don't think I'm receiving credit for all the surveys I've taken. A "pending" survey should appear immediately after taking the survey. It doesn't, so it's hard to remember when you finally get credit whether they've done that for all surveys. I'm going to have to keep track of every survey I take now. What a pain!
I've been a member of ACOP for years and it was not like this before. I got my payments, I received feedback when I contacted them, etc. I'm not sure whether I should continue with them or not.

"Still waiting. "
Friday, August 01, 2014 by Tony

I still haven't gotten my payment from cashing out back on April 21, 2014. I sent four emails and have only received one back in June. Whenever my payment finally comes in the mail I will unsubscribe, quit, from this terrible, horrible company.

We are experiencing a delay with our cash-outs due to a technical error in our accounting department. Our accounting department is working to catch up with cash out requests (check and PayPal) but must do so one-by-one and in order of the date which our members have cashed out. They are asking for more time in order to process your request.

We appreciate your patience and your membership with American Consumer Opinion.


Anne Parks
Vice President
American Consumer OpinionĀ®"

Edit: I finally got my check this afternoon. They need to speed up their payouts.

"Late Payment"
Monday, July 28, 2014 by richard

Second time it ever happened to me from this company. Emailed them 3 times in as many weeks, never replied to any of them. I wanted to know when my payment would be sent. It was approved on 6/3/2014. It is now the 16th of july 2014. I will not take anymore surveys from this company till I get paid. I give them a thumbs down. Now I have emailed them 4 times they owe me $30 and will not even answer my emails. This is twice this has happened with them. They finally paid me the first time now nothing not even an answer. Warning anyone that will listen they WILL burn you sooner or later I have been with them for over 5 years. Not no more. RIPOFFFFFFS

"Not paying out"
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 by Victoria

I cashed out on May 2, 2014 and still have not gotten paid. I sent them an email a few weeks ago and was told there was a technical problem and they were paying out "in the order in which the request was received". So now it's almost 3 months and I have almost accumulated enough to cash out again! I am not going to do that until they pay the first one. I will email them again on August 2, since by then it will have been 90 days.
After reading the other comments, it looks as if they aren't paying anyone!

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