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American Consumer Opinion General Information

American Consumer Opinion

Survey Types: Online surveys, not usually more than 10 minutes long. Product testing opportunities are also available.

Most surveys award 100+ points, and even survey screeners are worth between 10-50 points.

Since 1997, Decision Analyst has operated the American Consumer Opinion online survey panel. The panel currently has over 6 million members across 150 countries. Decision Analyst is a member of the BBB and holds memberships towards many prestigious marketing associations.

Eligibility: Residents of Worldwide, 14+.

"PAYS SLOW! - Not worth the hassle"
Thursday, October 30, 2014 by Tony

Bottom line: Pretty good survey screening, a reasonable amount of survey invitations via email (not just a blind flood) and acceptable completion rates however they PAY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SLOW!!!!

On the "how fast does it take?" scale this site is so far over to the SLOW side that they are barely visible on the scale at all! Can we say Glacial?

My *first* payment (by check) was supposed to take 4-6 weeks. There are a couple of other sites that also have a 4-6 week processing time but they generally beat that time estimate.

ACOP took TWELVE WEEKS! to pay me. When I asked them what was the problem, they said they were having problems in their "accounting dept".

Well their accounting dept must have gotten worse because they have INCREASED their processing time. It is now 6-8 weeks! For either PayPal or by check.

It took me almost a week, and multiple email requests, to get them to set up their system so that I could submit my request to be paid via PayPal. My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw the time estimate on the payment. I was expecting payment via PayPal to be faster--on the order of 36-48 hours -- NOT 36-56 DAYS and not the same speed as a paper check.

So I emailed them and politely asked them "why" Here is their boiler plate "answer" which really doesn't answer anything:

"Our Accounting department is now processing payments manually so that they can verify the authenticity of each payment and panel member they send. We are now validating each panel member’s PayPal or Mailing Address information before sending payment. This has caused a delay in processing payments. Our policy has recently changed to a 6-8 week time frame before you will receive your payment."


UPDATE ON 10/30. My current payment request, which I submitted on 8/27 is now late. Their stated processing time is 6-8 weeks, it is now, as I type this 9 weeks and counting.

I emailed them on 10/22 as soon as it was late. I got the email reply today, EIGHT days later. Here is their reply:

"Thank you for your email. We will request that your payment be sent from our Accounting Department. We will send you an email once it has been sent.

Anne Parks
Vice President
American Consumer Opinion®"

SHEESH! How was that for a non-answer answer? They need to fire their accounting department. I have another payment request which I submitted on 10/18/2014. I fully expect that payment to be late as well.

I stopped taking their surveys as soon as I crossed my last cashout threshold on 10/18 so I have no more surveys in the pipe. As soon as I get paid these two payments which they owe me, I am cancelling my account with them.


Friday, October 24, 2014 by Bill

I participated in a product evaluation survey in early Feb,2014 which I had to do several tasks using the product and turn in a very detailed report, with videos of me doing the tasks. The project was completed on Feb 12th. I was to be paid $150 for this project/product survey. I was not credited for this to my account with subject until March 15, at which time I requested a payout. As of today, April 17, 2014, I still have not received my payment; more than two months since I completed the project. On April 16th I wrote American Consumer Opinion asking when I could expect payment. This is the reply I received; "Hello,
We are experiencing a delay with our cash-outs due to a technical error in our accounting department. Our accounting department is working to catch up with cash out requests (check and PayPal) but must do so one-by-one and in order of the date which our members have cashed out. They are asking for more time in order to process your request.

We appreciate your patience and your membership with American Consumer Opinion.
Anne Parks"
Vice President
They still have not given me an idea when I can expect payment. I have cashed them out two other times last year (2013) for about $50 each time, and I was paid in about 2 weeks after I requested payment. My advice is, if one is going to do a project/product evaluation sponsored by this site, one should expect to wait a very long time before they will receive payment.
I finally received subject payout on April 21st, more than 2 months after completing the project and having to send several emails to them dunning them for payment.
I have cashed them out 3 more times since then and had to wait more than one month for each payout. They claim they will pay out within 30 days, but they never do. They always claim a "backlog" of payout requests for their tardy payouts. I'm not using them anymore because they are so slow to pay out. If you use this site you will be waiting a very long time to get paid. And they have a low threshold $5, I usually wait till I have $20 to cash out. They seem to have cash flow problems.

"Payment delays"
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 by Frank

It takes forever to get paid. How long can it possibly take to hit the PayPal button?

"Payment Delays"
Monday, October 13, 2014 by Sebrina

Payment estimated time keeps getting longer and they still aren't keeping up. They send the same email response every time I request info on the delay. Same message everyone else is getting. Once I receive this last payout, I'm done with the site too.

"Terrible paying"
Saturday, October 11, 2014 by Lisa

They changed their payment schedule from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 weeks and STILL don't make them on time! I've been waiting over ELEVEN weeks to be paid, and they keep giving me the run-around! As soon as I get all the money they owe me I will be quitting this survey panel.

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