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Commotion House, Morley Road Tonbridge, Kent  TN9 1RA United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0) 1732 356 399  Contact: crowdology@redshiftresearch.co.uk
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Accrue a balance of $8.00 (or 4 GBP) in your account, receive a PayPal payment within 48 hours of request and sometimes even instantly.

Crowdology General Information


Take Surveys, Earn Cash Paid Via PayPal
Crowdology offers cash for each survey completed. 5 minute surveys pay $0.50 and after a balance of 8 (or £4 in the UK) is accrued in your account, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account. Surveys pay anywhere from $0.40 - $10 each. Payment can take up to 48 hours, however some members have reported receiving their earnings immediately after requesting them.

Types of Surveys Offered
Online surveys on everyday topics, products and issues. It is stressed that the topics are not boring!

Survey Lengths
Surveys vary in length from 2 to 15 minutes and award cash upon successful completion - there are no complex points systems to worry about as cash is awarded each time a survey is finished.

Referral Program
Refer friends to the panel and each month, have a shot at winning Amazon gift vouchers.

Prize Draws
Three prize draws are held every month. Member who have completed a survey in the past month, referred a friend or have been screened out of a survey automatically receive an entry into the draw.

Who is Crowdology?
Crowdology is run by Redshift Research Ltd, whose research has appeared in leading journals, magazines and other US & UK news media.

Eligibility: Residents of UK and USA, 18+.

9 questions with Crowdology

"Not many surveys, clunky site"
October 24, 2015 by Adam from United States

Well... I've been getting slightly more surveys from them the past month, so yay, I guess? Except I haven't qualified for a single one of them. Looks like I received 3 surveys so far in October, none of which I qualified for. I did qualify for one survey at the beginning of September, which paid 50 cents. Not remotely impressed with how much this site is making me: I get more in an average week with OO than I've made in 3 months with crowdology.

Upside, at least it lets you cash out *any* amount that's at least 8$, so you can wait for a few more surveys and get those before cashing out. Much better than sites that only let you cash out *exactly* n dollars and anything above that, you have to wait until the next time you hit the threshold.

Also, their website is super clunky, which isn't the worst thing if the payout was better, but it definitely doesn't give the greatest impression (for instance - there is no indication that you're logged in once you are; you just have a frame with your account info, but it still says "log in" above it, and if you visit any page that doesn't require you to be logged in, it logs you out. What? Also, to cash out, you get there through the Profile page. What?, he said again.)

"Below average"
September 16, 2015 by Kimberly from United States

This survey site is definitely overrated. I have done surveys where I answered so many questions that there is no way I didn't qualify and my data was kept. I wrote them about this and was told that this happens sometimes and they are sorry. It has happened three separate times. I hate when survey sites do this, it's a waste of my time and energy and makes me leery of doing anything for them. I'm not sure how Crowdology got in the top ten and it makes doubt some of validity of surveypolice's list.

Crowdology panelreply

Crowdology responded to this review on September 17, 2015


Thank you for your feedback We are disappointed to hear that you have been screened out of surveys at a late stage. Our support team is usually very diligent when it comes to this and reviews each case individually to make sure that anyone who has been screened out at a significantly late stage of the survey is awarded for their time. This is bad practice in survey design and something we are committed to eliminating. As third party survey providers sometimes use our panel, we are aware that this sometimes occurs. We rely on panellists letting us know through our support team, so that we can pass on information to the relevant people.

We would appreciate it if you could email crowdology@redshiftresearch.co.uk and mention that it is in reply to the SurveyPolice review and we will make sure one of our panel managers looks into your case for you.

Thank you again for your feedback

Kind regards

Andrew White
Panel Manager

"Straight forward but surveys are RARER THAN HEN'S TEETH"
July 30, 2015 by Kelly from United Kingdom

After a month I still haven't reached the minimum £10 pay out figure. They are supposed to send you at least 6 survey per month I think I've had 4 or 5.

They do give you clear £ amounts for how much each survey will reward and your balance, but if you only get one survey every two weeks who gives a stuff, I can spend my time better on other sites.

Update: I finally reached the minimum of £10 to withdrawal my earnings. I clicked to get a £10 Amazon voucher, there is no confirmation email of this and you are told it will take up to 4 WEEKS to receive it! Seriously? Many other survey sites send your voucher codes IMMEDIATELY by email, it is not that difficult a process.

Update #2 - I received the £10 voucher email EXACTLY 28 days after putting in my request. So yes they deliver, but boy does it take a hell of a long time which I think is very unnecessary.

Crowdology panelreply

Crowdology responded to this review on July 30, 2015


Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the payment system. Currently we have two payment options – PayPal and Amazon. Amazon vouchers do indeed need £10 minimum to cash out but we also offer PayPal which allows panellists to cash out at £4 and is delivered immediately into the PayPal account. We understand that not everyone wants to use PayPal though and Amazon vouchers have been introduced in the last few months as a trial payment method. As this is relatively new the payment department is still learning the best way to process Amazon vouchers and get them out as quickly as possible. We are currently in discussion with the company that processes these for us about speeding this up.

Thanks again for your feedback – it is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Andrew White
Panel Manager

June 11, 2015 by Sarina from United States

I don't qualify for very many surveys and I haven't earned very many points yet. This site seems like a decent site though

"One of the best"
June 10, 2015 by sam from United Kingdom

This is 1 of the best survey websites that pays very fairly for your time.

Normally its £0.50-£1 for a survey up to 10 minutes long or £1+ for other surveys.

Payout is £4 minimum and you are paid instantly.

The only thing preventing it getting a 5/5 is you don't really get than many survey invites (I get no more than 6 a month)

Great website though and well worth joining




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