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"Fair, but rewards suck"
Wednesday, July 09, 2014 by Brian

How is it this panel calls itself E-Rewards, yet the actual rewards are so lame? Use to be this site offered rewards I actually used, like Borders certificates or Target gift cards. The vast majority are now airline or hotel points, which might be fine if you travel for business or are retired and constantly on vacation, but that's got to be maybe 10-15% of the population? Most the rest of the rewards require you buy something first, in other words you need to spend 20 dollars and up at some site or restaurant just to get the reward. Then there's the magazine subscriptions, about the only thing I use, but the selection could use more broad based titles like Smithsonian or Entertainment Weekly than narrow niche publications like Cigar Aficionado. E-Rewards REALLY needs to hook up with Paypal or such and start offering cash payments or prepaid cards.
On the plus side, the site does send out a fair amount of surveys per week and the amount given is worth the time spent. Oh well, points never expire, so guess I'll just keep taking surveys and sitting on my $700 plus points until they come up with something worthwhile rewards wise.

"07/02/14 eRwards has changed"
Thursday, July 03, 2014 by Craig

A couple years ago I gave eRewards 4 stars. Since then they have really changed for the worse. Like others have stated, you can spend a long time on a survey and give much specific info and then be told that they have all the respondents that are needed (this is after they have your info). They also used to address your complaints in earnest and now just blow them off with a boilerplate email. Too bad. I used to like doing their surveys and now feel ripped off almost half the time.

"Dishonest practices"
Tuesday, July 01, 2014 by Becky

E-Rewards used to be a great place. Now, most of the time I answer questions, and answer questions and answer questions, and specific product questions and specific spending habit questions only to be told at the end of a lengthy process that they already have all the responses they need. What a nasty way to treat your members, especially those that have been with you for several years.

"no stars seem appropriate"
Saturday, June 28, 2014 by julie

when i started with erewards a few years ago such a nice site now you answer a twenty or thirty minute survey for a high amount and are told sorry we have all the info we need. then why send them out. not worth doing the surveys anymore

"e-rewards.com Rewards suck"
Friday, June 27, 2014 by Michael

I have been with e-rewards.com for well over a year and have no complaints about the surveys. I have taken enough that I currently have $300 in e-reward dollars. The problem with e-rewards.com, like others here have pointed out, is the rewards suck. The majority of rewards are airline miles and hotel points. There are a few gift certificates for higher end department stores like Macy's [boo!], as well as for Gamestop [which I do use] but the problem is, they only allow ONE gift card per quarter. Amazon.com gift cards were available at one point, but are no longer offered. Another problem with gift cards is you have to use $75 in e-rewards.com bucks in order to get a $25 gift card.

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