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"The monster behind the mask"
Monday, August 25, 2014 by Brandon

At first this program seemed legit. I could pick how many surveys I wanted each week, they email me with opportunities, I could make a decent amount on each survey, all saving up toward my student loans (which is another sore topic so I won't begin down that road).

So I begin this journey 4 months ago thinking that this is my "gift from Heaven" to really help me out of a hard time. I clicked to receive 7-10 surveys a week and began to go to work...

I had my first eye opener immediately, when I realized that most surveys were worth NO WHERE NEAR the amounts that they said that the surveys could add up to. Most of which I spent 5 minutes on, then was denied saying that the survey was "full" or I did not "meet the criteria", so they gave me 25 cents for my time. Gee, thanks! I even went so far as to complete one over 80% of the way before they told me that they met their quota for the survey and kicked me out!

Eye opener #2; teasers. During my four month journey, I was teased by two surveys saying to be worth $25 bucks. I Jumped right to it!...just to find out that the first one was full already (within an hour of receiving the email) and the other asked me just a few questions then gave me another whopping quarter. These were the first two surveys to offer me over $7.00 and I didn't even qualify for them.

Eye opener #3; time periods where emails stopped coming. Yes, there were SEVERAL WEEKS at a time that I did not receive ANY survey opportunities. I even logged in to my account just in case they were just not sending me emails for whatever reason or in case I just wasn't receiving them for whatever reason. This was not the case. When I signed up for 7-10 opportunities a week, it did not mean that was what I was going to get. Even if I did get that many opportunities, they sent the same surveys to a million other people, which caused them to fill up quickly, or I did not qualify so I was receiving a quarter for every, say 85%+ of every opportunity I did get. Which leads me to...

Eye opener #4; it's not worth it, get a job. Plain and simple. I'm a numbers guy so bare with me while I think out loud. Over four months I "earned" $120, which is $30/month or about $7.50/week. I spent about 3 (or so) hours a week on these surveys, an hourly wage of $2.50. Oh and did I mention that when I went to redeem this money I could only actually redeem $50 of it!!!! Where is that other $70 going???? I can take some pretty good guesses at that, but I'll leave it up to your imagination as to where that money is going. So I earned $120 over four months but I can only use $50 of it toward my thousands of dollars in student loans!?!? That is 5/12ths of my earnings that I can use...not even HALF of what they said I had!! So let's try this again now...$12.50/month, roughly $3.13/week, with an hourly wage of $1.04!! How crazy is that!? What is minimal wage in the US now...$7.85 or something? I'm better off finding a second job to help me pay off these loans. I could even work as a waiter and tell the restaurant to keep my tips and I would be making more than I am on these stupid surveys. It's not worth it, get a job. Plain and simple.

I must apologize for this long rant, but this promising vision of help in hard economic times is nothing more than a mirage in the hot desert that teases you while you lay dying on the 100 degree sands. This money making monster puts on a mask of refreshing much needed water only to take it off when you get close enough to drink it. I hope you all don't make the same mistake that I did with these surveys for four months. I'll be putting in my applications to find a second job after the weekend is over.

PS. The only reason I gave it 1 star is because I did make $50 that I wouldn't have had previously. I'm not a total pessimist.

"What Happened to this site"
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 by Linda

Recommended from a friend, I joined about 6 weeks ago and was getting a good amount of surveys and suddenly they stopped about 10 days ago, just short of $4 to redeem $50. I wouldn’t be as concerned about if were just me they stopped sending to, but the friend who recommended e-rewards to me has not received any either and a few of her friends also are not getting anything. Perhaps they are going out of biz…I don't know, but I’d really like to redeem the $50 I have, which was at least 15 or so hours spent in my time. Also, I tried the mobile version and that don’t work either. Is it a coincidence that 5 of us are no longer receiving surveys?

"One of my favorites"
Sunday, July 20, 2014 by Mary

I have been a member for many years and have had good and bad years in earnings with this company. The rewards offered seem to depend upon which company referred you when you joined....some offered just magazines and airline miles and others offered gift cards. My recent experiences have been good. If you consistently fill out their surveys that come every few days and you accumulate $70-75 in rewards, you can get a $25 gift card to Macy's, Starbucks, Ticketmaster, and few other stores. It comes in the mail within a week or two. The surveys are usually easy to complete and reward you a small amount if you screen out or the entire amount if you complete the survey, which is nice. It appears to be an honest panel to me.

"07/02/14 eRwards has changed"
Thursday, July 03, 2014 by Craig

A couple years ago I gave eRewards 4 stars. Since then they have really changed for the worse. Like others have stated, you can spend a long time on a survey and give much specific info and then be told that they have all the respondents that are needed (this is after they have your info). They also used to address your complaints in earnest and now just blow them off with a boilerplate email. Too bad. I used to like doing their surveys and now feel ripped off almost half the time.

"Dishonest practices"
Tuesday, July 01, 2014 by Becky

E-Rewards used to be a great place. Now, most of the time I answer questions, and answer questions and answer questions, and specific product questions and specific spending habit questions only to be told at the end of a lengthy process that they already have all the responses they need. What a nasty way to treat your members, especially those that have been with you for several years.

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