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iThink Panel General Information

I.think is an online survey panel which has been in operation since 1995. Their survey panel member size is approximately 1.5 million. Survey participants of i.think inc. receive draw entries for their survey participation, often coupled with a cash reward.
"Recent Reboot, but Still Slow Going..."
Thursday, July 24, 2014 by Sharon

I've been a member of i.Think panel for years and it didn't really go anywhere. I'd actually forgotten about them. However, I did notice recently they've updated the site greatly, and it is set up the same as iPoll and OnlyCashSurveys, (if you're familiar with the format. However, they are much more similar to Focusline, which is also of the same format, in that, they don't have nearly the same amount of surveys. The cashout is at $10, which is nice, but I haven't cashed out with them yet. We'll see... If they step it up, I'll revise.

"I. Think Panel"
Friday, April 04, 2014 by Laura

This site has to be one of the worse survey sites. Most of surveys are for $1 and take more than 20 minuets to complete. It can take up to three months just for them to pay you your reward of $1. They reject your survey even tho you have honestly answered all the questions truthfully. You can't stop the survey to even go the bathroom. They time you on how long they think you should take the survey, if it's too fast they reject it, if it's too slow they reject it. I am gonna close this account once I earn enough to cash out.

"Closed Account"
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 by Fili

After I made $200 in less than 3 months they decided close my account for no reason. Or I guess the reason was to prevent me to cash out my last $75 out of $200. I contacted them but they were unable to give a reasonable explanation. So be careful with them!

"One of The Best"
Wednesday, September 04, 2013 by Jake

I have been a member of iThink for a few years now and have had no problem qualifying for surveys and making money filling them out while watching TV. I have been able to cash out $50 many times a year since joining. I don't really understand how people could give this site only 1 star? How does it only have 2.5 stars? I'm thinking these people need a little tutoring on how to take surveys! Its important to remember your not going to get rich quick with any of these sites but there is no reason why you can't make $500-$1000 a year taking surveys!

"A Big Kerfuffle!"
Monday, August 12, 2013 by Kayeren

Out of 64 surveys (6 mos), I completed 3! Rejected; Closed; and, U Already Took This One (they are the leader's of that one); I did? I guess I didn't complete it, I don't remember it & sure didn't make any money from U people. Funny, I keep meticulous records & this one--U claim I've taken--ISN'T ON THEM!! This site has the highest percentage of surveys attempted and rejected, of all the one's I've joined. Also, has a really high "You've Already Taken This One" of all the sites. I've not been told that more than a couple of times from any of the others! UPDATE: After 64 surveys, I decided there would BE NO #65 & on 6/21/2013, I UNSUBSCRIBED!!

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