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Offers MileagePlus members the opportunity to earn award miles by taking online surveys. United Airlines miles awarded for completing surveys. Typically around 50-70 miles per survey.
"Biggest Rip-Off ever"
Monday, April 14, 2014 by Doug

This is the worst bait-and-switch I have ever seen on the internet. You get an email that advertises something like "300 miles for 10 minutes". You click on the link and it is then "200 miles for 30 minutes". You spend 15 minutes answering intrusive questions about personal things, and it then usually says "you do not qualify" (but it has all your personal information). Or if you do "qualify" you spend another 25 minutes answering questions, only to be told near the end that "you do not qualify" and it bounces you off. I am really surprised that a reputable airline would put their name behind this. It is awful. Stay away.

"Opinion Miles Club is Horrible"
Thursday, April 10, 2014 by Thomas

This is by far the worst survey scheme I've encountered. The person that noted it is a fools errand is exactly right. I filled out the sign up qualifiers and I did get the miles offered. However I've never received one mile since. Sometimes they will qualify you for a survey and then simply cut it off in the middle. You might spend 15 minutes on it and get nothing. It seems as if they get an answer they think the sponsor won't like they cut you off in the middle. Forget the Opinion Miles Club. You'll just waste a lot of time and end up with nothing.

I also believe the two reviewers that say "I don't know why the other reviewers don't like this." are likely employees (or owners) of the Opinion Miles Club. Those two reviews sound disingenuous. And note that they are both within a few days of the reviews they comment on. HAHA.

"Miles Galore!"
Monday, March 31, 2014 by Steve

I'm not sure why other reviewers have not gotten many miles from this web site, unless they have not completed all items in their profiles. Since joining in October, 2013 until today (March 29, 2014), I have completed 340 surveys totaling 19,050 miles. Surveys open in a new window, leaving your account's dashboard window open. I have found that many times the site will display a message saying there are currently no surveys to take, but after closing this window and refreshing/reloading the dashboard window once or twice, new surveys will appear. The web site seems to limit you to between 200-300 miles per day and I have made it a goal of completing 200+ miles per day in surveys to help me defray the cost of an upcoming very expensive trip. All in all, this is my favorite survey site as mileage is credited to your United Airlines account as soon as the survey is completed..

"No Mileage Plus miles credited"
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 by Richard

Don't bother with this survey. I have been a member for over a year and completed six surveys and only got credit for one. The surveys are intrusive and laborious. I would suggest that you find another way to earn miles for United Mileage Plus.

"Incredible Site!"
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 by Jonathan

I have no idea what the other person is talking about that left a negative comment on Opinion Miles Club. Yes, it is difficult to get registered, but once you do it is highly beneficial. It is powered by Opinion Outpost and United Airlines. If you want free miles (points), all you have to do is to fill out surveys daily that will be processed daily for you.
I currently have over 5000 United Airlines because of Opinion Miles Club, and it is 25000 miles to a free round trip flight anywhere in the US and Canada (for doing surveys).

It is a great deal.

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