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Opinion Miles Club

6 Research Drive, Shelton, Connecticut  06484 United States
Tel: 1.866.360.9568  Contact:
Operated by: Survey Sampling International, LLC

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Miles are automatically credited to your United account upon completing surveys.
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Opinion Miles Club General Information

Offers MileagePlus members the opportunity to earn award miles by taking online surveys. United Airlines miles awarded for completing surveys. Typically around 50-70 miles per survey.
"Terrible waste of time"
July 23, 2015 by Aaron from United States

In order to receive your bonus (or any points) you have to qualify for a survey. I have still not qualified for a single survey...I even tried faking information 10 different ways.

Waste of time. DO NOT USE!

"Useful For Preventing Miles Expiration"
April 15, 2015 by Ted from United States

I find Opinion Miles Club useful, to stop my frequent flier miles from expiring. I have a batch of miles I can't use at the moment, due to career.

As for using Opinion Miles Club to add to my mileage balance, I find it less useful, because I rarely qualify. There's the added frustration of being informed I don't qualify, and have earned nothing, after answering a lengthy series of often quite personal questions.

Also, sometimes surveys quit working, say, ten minutes into a twenty-minute survey. This discourages me from even clicking, on one of the many emails I receive from them.

I strongly prefer e-Rewards' partial credit for non-qualifiers, and higher reliability.

"Largely a waste of time"
February 07, 2015 by Jan from United States

My introductory surveys went fine, and the miles posted right away, but even since it's been a different story. The email notifications are 'teasers' promising hundreds of miles for 5 or 10 minutes. But once you log on, it's usually a lot fewer miles for 20 or 30 minutes. Then, if you try the surveys, you end up spending a lot of time answering very specific questions only to be kicked out without credit because allegedly you "aren't the right demographic." Or the survey develops a mysterious fault that freezes it after you've given a half hour of answers, again with no miles crediting. Every now and then--about every eight or ten surveys--you can get one to complete. I think there are experiments with rats that show that if you give rats a reward of chow randomly every eight or nine times they press a lever, they'll keep pressing. I guess I don't need the chow badly enough, because I'm not wasting my time pressing anymore on this survey club.

"Miles Galore!"
January 22, 2015 by Steve from United States

I'm not sure why other reviewers have not gotten many miles from this web site, unless they have not completed all items in their profiles. Since joining in October, 2013 until today (January 21, 2015), I have completed 815 surveys totaling 45,454 miles. Surveys open in a new window, leaving your account's dashboard window open. I have found that many times the site will display a message saying there are currently no surveys to take, but after closing this window and refreshing/reloading the dashboard window once or twice, new surveys will appear. The web site seems to limit you to between 200-300 miles per day and I have made it a goal of completing 200+ miles per day in surveys. All in all, this is my favorite survey site as mileage is credited to your United Airlines account as soon as the survey is completed. I also use this site's sister sites opinionoutpost.com and surveyspot.com, but they do not seem to offer as many surveys as this site. As someone else mentioned, you cannot wait until you receive an email notification of an available survey. If you have the time, log in every day and you'll see surveys waiting for you.

"Worked For Me"
January 20, 2015 by Katy from United States

Based on other comments I've read I'll go ahead and say I don't work for this company or have any ownership interest. I discovered some survey sites through Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program and gave up on those rather quickly because I was not earning points at a reasonable rate. I joined Opinion Miles Club and have managed to rack up 1,000 points in a week. I've had a few surveys cut me off saying they already have enough information or I don't qualify but every time but one, it has been early on and didn't waste too much of my time. I had one that did this about 20 minutes in and I was very unhappy about that one. If you visit their website on a regular basis, they've got way more surveys than competing companies so there is definitely a greater chance of earning miles. I check mine in the morning while I'm drinking my coffee and don't mess with it much during the day. If you wait for the emails, you won't earn many points. I recommend joining and realize you are getting miles for very little time and effort.




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