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Miles are automatically credited to your United account upon completing surveys.
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Opinion Miles Club General Information

Offers MileagePlus members the opportunity to earn award miles by taking online surveys. United Airlines miles awarded for completing surveys. Typically around 50-70 miles per survey.
"Run!!! Complete waste time"
Saturday, December 20, 2014 by Kevin

Every survey has the same results: twenty minutes into a thirty minute survey you are then notified that you are not a match. This company is making money by getting twenty minutes of free survey time.

Do join to get any signing bonus. But once the miles are posted, RUN!!!!

"Complete waste of time"
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 by P

Bait and switch repeatedly. Plus, they collect information for 20 or more minutes, then say "not a match" or conveniently develop a technical glitch so that you can't complete the survey.

The help desk is beyond frustrating, work off of a script and seem incapable of addressing any problem. The only thing they "help" with is to issue the same stock response and refuse to put one in touch with a supervisor.

This is, by far, one of the absolute worst survey sites ever!

"Waste of time!"
Friday, July 11, 2014 by Ike

I was a member for more than a year and in the beginning earned 3500+ miles. Starting a few months back new survey offers became simply untrue. For example, tonight I got an email offering 152 miles in 5 min and after answering 10-12 multiple answer pre-survey questions I was offered 60 min for a 25 min survey. Same false promises over and over again. Unsubscribed. Not worth the time.

"Stop after initial offer"
Saturday, May 10, 2014 by Dina

Some months ago I received offer of 600 miles for "completing a survey." After filling out a lengthy profile and spending 10-15 minutes each on 5 different surveys that ultimately gave me the message that I didn't qualify, I did finally complete a survey and get the 600 pts. After reading mixed reviews, I tried an experiment and spent half an hour every day for two months. (I even tried changing my profile after a month to see if I could improve my odds. At this point, I have attempted over 100 surveys. 10 of these I made it to completion, although only 9 were credited. I got a total of 400 additional points in that two month period. Most often I was well into survey and answered tons of questions before they decided I didn't qualify for some reason. So, I figure I gave a total of 30 hours of my time for a total of 400 points over the past two months. I would consider that a prodigious waste of time. When I saw a review claiming they received 200 points a day I have to imagine that they are either faking this or faking data to qualify for surveys. Not a worthwhile pursuit unless you have a lot of spare time and high tolerance for frustration.

"Biggest Rip-Off ever"
Monday, April 14, 2014 by Doug

This is the worst bait-and-switch I have ever seen on the internet. You get an email that advertises something like "300 miles for 10 minutes". You click on the link and it is then "200 miles for 30 minutes". You spend 15 minutes answering intrusive questions about personal things, and it then usually says "you do not qualify" (but it has all your personal information). Or if you do "qualify" you spend another 25 minutes answering questions, only to be told near the end that "you do not qualify" and it bounces you off. I am really surprised that a reputable airline would put their name behind this. It is awful. Stay away.

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