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Earn gift cards from your favorite retailers though The Panel Station.

Saturday, March 15, 2014 by Natasha

I used to do many surveys for The Panel Station, they used to send many surveys (at least once a week) and the minimum payout was attainable.

I had allowed my points to accumulate even after I had reached minimum redemption, and didn't cause a fuss when they changed their site and my points somehow went down. However, when I wanted to cash out about half my points (5000) for a kalahari voucher, I never received it. Bear in mind I'd been completing surveys with them for at least a year when I requested the voucher.

I had seen people on their facebook page saying they take about a month or so to pay out, so I waited. I had cashed out in July 2013, and at the end of September 2013 I was sick of waiting, so I wrote out a support ticket asking them why I still hadn't received it. They replied a week or two later, saying they'd sort out the issue within a week - I heard nothing further from them.

Last month I again sent them an email asking for some correspondence in regard to the matter, to which they said that they would update me in a week. It has been over 2 weeks and I'm still waiting.

I have done many surveys for them and when I wanted to cash out for a promised reward, they seem to be uninterested. Well, I haven't done surveys for them since the end of August 2013. I enjoy doing surveys, but on principle, this is just unacceptable when they promise a reward and don't deliver on it.

"panel station poor service"
Sunday, January 12, 2014 by amanda

I have received no response from the panel station. I spent hours completing the surveys and when wanting to redeem my points, you don't hear from them. They require you to verify by entering your cell number after which they send you a pin via sms, however, you never receive the sms.

What's worse, is that they don't respond to your e-mails. My friend tells me she's been barred from the website after she complained (and not receiving any voucher)

"really paying site"
Thursday, July 25, 2013 by Poonam

I am a panelist of the panel station, I have received Rs.1200 as rewards.They pay via Zipcash and flipkart vouchers.

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