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"Stuck on Points"
Sunday, April 19, 2015 by Kenneth

I have been "stuck" on 955 points for months. All of a sudden, the survey opportunities with InspiredOpinions stopped. I wonder. Seems like they just used me so they could make money, but right before I was able to cash out, i.e. right when I was just 5 points shy of cashing out, the surveys stopped. That is really low of them to do that to me. To everyone, I would not join InspiredOpinions. Watch out.

"Wish I Had A Time Machine"
Saturday, January 10, 2015 by Jim

It's really sad to see how Inspired Opinions has turned out. Of course everyone knows they are owned by Schlesinger and Associates. Now personally I have always considered Schlessinger's one of the premier places in the Phoenix Area for in person focus groups (having done more than I can count) Now emails go unanswered every time not once or twice. Cashing in your tokens is nothing less than a joke, and again that has been the last 3 times I have cashed some not just once. I used to feel bad leaving bad reviews but every time I did I always made sure I told the truth, I never felt guilty again, I could go on and on but I am sure each and everyone of you has been there.

"Schlessinger Associates"
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by Jessica

I have been a member of that panel yrs and never got to do an in-person until last yr. Last yr I spent two hrs answering questions at their office and was paid $125. Then for the next few months I qualified for other things until they found out that I had recently done a study with them, and that got me disqualified (4 times). This yr I qualified for a $100 study. I called them two hrs before I was set to arrive and asked them how to get to the parking garage. The woman said that I should go to their office address, and the garage where they validate parking is just down the street. She said that she couldn't give me a street address for the garage. So I went to their office building and drove a little further down and there was a garage. I drove in and asked the attendant where I should park for Schlessinger Associates. He told me to park at the bottom floor. I did the study, and presented my parking card and they said it was the wrong garage and they would not validate it. I told them that I'd asked for directions and followed what they'd told me; he said that the garage I'd parked in was across the street, not down the street. He further said that in the contract they emailed me it said to use the Back Bay Garage -- the one I pulled into didn't seem to have a sign on it. I had to then ask for my Visa check card so I could leave and rush back to my car. I had to pay $28.

"You do not qualify"
Monday, January 06, 2014 by Doug

Get used to that title a lot. 1 or 2 surveys a month and you may qualify for 2 a year.

"Yep, Waste of Time"
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 by Don

Yet another one of those companies gleaning your information for free. They get you to answer all kinds of questions about yourself with the hopes of getting rewarded, but the reward never comes. Wish I had seen the other reviews before I joined.

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