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Green_checkboxAmazon gift cards
Green_checkboxDonations to charity
Green_checkboxiTunes gift cards
Green_checkboxRestaurant gift cards
Green_checkboxVISA prepaid cards
Green_checkboxRetail e-vouchers
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Redemption Info

13,000 points (worth ~$10) required to redeem rewards.

Some rewards require 34,000 points ($25 worth) to request rewards.

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MyView General Information


Rewards Information
MyView is a gift card lovers haven, as they offer dozens of gift card options from many different retailers including Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Shell, TJ Maxx, and more. VISA pre-paid cards are also available.

Some gift cards are mailed to members, others are sent by e-mail in the form of an e-voucher.

Receive Points for Disqualifications
MyView offers a generous 100 points for when members attempt surveys but are unable to complete them due to disqualification.

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are often available to members if they log in to their accounts to check for surveys. Most online survey opportunities will be e-mailed, however those wishing to take additional surveys will find it beneficial to log directly into their accounts to check for available surveys.

"Good Site"
Friday, July 04, 2014 by Sheila

Have never had a problem with getting my points or rewards. Their surveys are varied and should you have a problem, it's handled immediately. They have a good variety of rewards...something for everybody.

"Pretty Good !!"
Monday, June 30, 2014 by Linda

I've cashed out several times. Nice awards. Easy to navigate site and qualify often enough..though it takes a while to get your award, they finally come.

"Good Site With GREAT Support!"
Friday, June 27, 2014 by Robb

I have taken surveys on this site for just under a month now. I don't qualify for very many of their surveys, but the site hunts for more every time I log into it.
I have cashed in my points for a $25 pre-paid Visa card.
The card is supposed to arrive within two weeks time.
My card actually arrived in my mailbox within 8 days of it being shipped out according to the site.
This site has some of the most helpful support personnel I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with!
This site would earn a 5 star rating if there were a few more surveys I actually qualified to finish/take!

"Ok- Needs Work"
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 by Lance

First off this site requires WAY too many points to cash out around 33,000. Most surveys pay out between 400-2500 points. Also, like most sites, you won't qualify for even half of the surveys. Equally frustrating is that the point value has no bearing on how long the surveys are. A 400 point survey could take an hour while a 2500 point survey might take 20 minutes. Lastly, they don't pay cash-only giftcards. I ordered one gift card and it took about 6 weeks to come, I was pretty sure they sent it via pony express. The best part is that they pay 100 points (about 8 cents) if you don't qualify- unlike other sites. Sometimes I will disqualify myself on purpose to get the 100 points in 2 minutes rather than take a long survey for 400 points.

"Not a fan of this site."
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 by Chetan

I joined this site 6 months ago but is still on 12000 points. Have seen very positive reviews about it, but personally my experience has not been good.

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