Online Survey Affiliate Programs

At this time, SurveyPolice does not offer an affiliate program. However, for webmasters wishing to recruit survey takers for paid surveys using their social media profiles, websites or newsletters, many options are available.

Have a website or blog? Use an affiliate network

Affiliate networks are websites that partner with many different advertisers. Publishers (webmasters) join affiliate networks in order to gain access to multiple advertisers, instead of having to partner with advertisers individually. Affiliate networks make advertiser banners and link codes available for publishers on their websites, making it easy to advertise many different campaigns using one platform.

Many online survey companies advertise their campaigns (i.e.) survey panels on affiliate networks. To find survey panels to advertise on your website, simply join an affiliate network as a publisher, and search for “surveys” once you’ve logged into your account.

Affiliate networks we recommend:

This affiliate network partners with dozens of survey companies and has lots of great offers available. Rated as a top 2 CPA Network by mThink’s BlueBook Rankings 5 years in a row, promoting offers through Maxbounty is a solid choice.

Special Bonus: Receive a special +10% bonus on your first payment amount by clicking the link above.

PantheraPanthera Network
This well-managed affiliate network boasts hundreds of offers, including many for market research. They continuously strive to bring new advertisers on board, making it easy for publishers to find new and interesting campaigns.

Their offers span a wide spectrum (travel, surveys, freebies, coupons, etc.) and many are available internationally.

Recommended tools:

Aweber logoAWeber E-mail Marketing
AWeber is a very high-quality and easy to use e-mail marketing tool. Whether you’re just starting to build a list of newsletter subscribers interested in online surveys, or want to improve your email delivery rates – Aweber can help. Create sign up forms for your WordPress website in minutes. Their platform is simple to navigate and their customer service is top notch!

Referring friends and family without a website

If you don’t have a website or blog, or are only looking to recruit a few people to surveys and gpt sites via social media referrals or word of mouth, check out our list of online survey referral programs and list of GPT survey referral programs.

These referral programs work by joining the survey program yourself, and then referring people you know using a special referral link provided by the survey site itself. This is a good option if you’d like to share a site you like by e-mailing it to your friends, recommending it on Facebook, etc.

Things to keep in mind

Remember to steer clear of exaggerating claims regarding the amount of money people can earn by taking online surveys. Making fraudulent claims for financial gain is unethical and could result in termination of your publisher account by an affiliate network.

When sending newsletters and emails, don’t forget to adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act and only send solicited e-mails; that is, only send e-mails to those who have granted you permission to do so.