Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites — Part 1: The Basics

What are GPT sites

GPT websites, or “Get-Paid-To” websites have been around for many years and only increasing in popularity. A type of loyalty program, GPT programs quite commonly have millions of members.

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The concept behind GPT sites is simple: advertisers offer trials, surveys, videos to watch, etc. that GPT sites then offer to their members through their platform. When their members participate in these, they earn a portion of the revenue that the GPT website earns. Because many of the ways to earn rewards are by doing things you would normally do online anyway (shop online, conduct web searches etc.), GPT sites are attractive places to earn extra cash online.

Ways you can earn cash and points

Advantages of GPT websites

  • multiple revenue streams (not just surveys only for instance)
  • cashback available to major online retailers
  • most sites offer new member signup bonuses
  • profitable way to spend time online
  • fun contests and sweepstakes opportunities
  • interesting tasks always available for completion

Rewards for participating

  • Cash
    • PayPal
    • Check payments
    • Bitcoin
  • Gift Cards
    • Amazon
    • BestBuy
    • Home Depot
    • iTunes
    • Playstation
    • Starbucks
    • Walmart
    • …hundreds of others – most, to major stores and restaurants

What’s in this guide

This guide is meant to provide you with as much information about GPT sites as possible so that when you’re ready to start joining programs, you’re armed with the right knowledge. Here are the contents of the guide. Feel free to jump around, as there is no set order to this. If you’re impatient, at any time, you can jump straight the last section which will show you the actual list of GPT sites.