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How Online Survey Taking Works

Market research companies offer online surveys through their websites so that they can figure out the preferences of the customers of their clients (companies). In exchange for joining these online survey panels and taking surveys, you can earn cash, gift cards and more, all in exchange for your opinions.

What is SurveyPolice?

SurveyPolice is a directory of hundreds of legitimate online survey panels. We feature thousands of user reviews which can help you decide which survey panels are best for you to join.

How do I receive online surveys?

To receive online surveys, you must first join an online survey panel – essentially a group of individuals who have requested to take surveys. After you join, you will be emailed surveys as they become available. Survey invitations will list the topic of the study, the length of time it will take to complete, and what your reward will be for taking it.

Tip: Join a few different survey panels so you can maximize the number of surveys you receive.

To join a survey panel, you just need to fill out an application form. It’s free and your information will be kept private when you join a legitimate online survey panel run by a market research company.

Master Online Surveys

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