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  • Part 1: Find Survey Panels to Join or Research
  • Part 2: Users Only: Review Survey Panels and GPT Websites
  • Part 3: Users Only: Using the Survey Tracker Tool

Part 1: Finding Survey Panels to Join or Research

If you’re wondering where to find online survey panels to join and find out more about on SurveyPolice, keep reading – this tutorial is for you!

Tip! Click the images on the left to make them bigger.

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First, find survey panels relevant to you

1. Hover over the ‘Online Surveys’ link in the top navigation bar, select the “top rated online surveys” from the submenu.

2. You’ll automatically be shown surveys available in your country. If the wrong country is shown, select the “change country” link.

Join survey panels right away

3. Click the “Join Now!” buttons to immediately join survey panels.

Or, keep researching

4. Click the names of the survey panels that appeal to you most.

Tip! The top rated panels with a minimum number of reviews are shown on page 1. For more panels, ordered strictly by score, click the page number links shown below the list.

Keep researching, continued

5. This is where to find the contact info for a panel. Next to “Operated by:” will be the name of the survey company who administers the panel. Click the link to find out which other panels that survey company operates!

6. This is the overall user rating, calculated by our ranking algorithm.

7. Sort users reviews by date, highest rating, or by lowest rating.

8. When you feel ready, if you see this button, click it to join the survey panel for free!