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SurveyPolice Specific:

SurveyPolice is a massive directory of online survey panels and companies. Our website allows potential survey takers to find legitimate survey panels, and gives existing survey takers the opportunity to voice their feedback on survey panels they are already members of. It's also a great place to connect with other survey enthusiasts via our forum.
Our ranking algorithm is a complex formula which ranks survey panels based on user reviews. The algorithm even accounts for things like the number of reviews for any given survey panel, as well as when a review was left. It is meant to give users a general idea of which online survey panels are seen as reputable among members of the survey taking community.
SurveyPolice is not a market research company. Therefore, we do not provide any online surveys.
No. Like many survey related websites, SurveyPolice's logo is often used in Nigerian scams. Dispose of the check you receive, or keep it for kicks.
Unfortunately, SurveyPolice no longer offers this service.
All new and edited reviews are read by an actual person. Please allow up to 48 hours for your review to appear on our website. If after this time your review is still not showing, you may have violated our commenting policy.
SurveyPolice tries to actively maintain a database of hundreds of legitimate survey panels. Although our list is large, there may be survey panels we have not yet discovered. Please tell us if you've found one you believe should be listed here. Otherwise, because SurveyPolice strictly focuses on legitimate survey panels, we may be of the opinion that the survey panel you have come across is illegitimate, in which case we do not recommend joining it. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to: Why SurveyPolice does not list all survey websites.
If you have forgotten your password, please use the "forgot password" link you can find by clicking the "log in" button the top right. For all other inquiries, please contact us.

General Online Surveys Questions

The first thing is to make sure you're being reasonable, as well as patient. If a survey panel says they pay their members within 3 weeks, and it's 3 weeks to the date of your request, give it another few days...even things like the postal service can influence the time it takes to receive a reward! Otherwise, read this article: What to do about missing compensation from a survey panel.
Almost certainly, no. Were you expecting it? Are you being asked to wire money somewhere? Is it for hundreds of dollars? Find out here how to determine if your check is authentic.
Check if it's listed on SurveyPolice - use our search tool at the top of the page if you're having problems finding a survey panel on our website. Failing that, read up on how you can recognize pseudo online survey websites.

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