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Many people have caught onto the growing trend of ways to earn extra cash by working for paid survey sites in their spare time, and some even consider it part-time work. These survey opportunities are a quick and easy way to earn extra money. Nobody likes to wait and receive their money, especially when they have taken the time to fill out online surveys. With a variety of ways to get your payout, whether it is through money online, cash rewards, or gift cards, who doesn’t want to receive their earned rewards right away?

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With some online focus groups and survey sites, you can earn points very quickly once you’ve taken enough surveys to be eligible to request a payment or gift. We consider online surveys that pay cash or issue rewards ‘instantly’ to send you money (or a gift card) within 24-48 hours after your request. Although some legitimate survey sites may issue an instant payout through gift cards or a PayPal payment a few seconds after you redeem your points, because times can fluctuate due to it being the weekend, a Holiday, etc., we consider “instantly” to mean within a one to two day period.

Instant paying survey sites

Below is a list of surveys that pay cash instantly or a gift card instantly after requesting a cashout. Again, actual rewards, gift cards, or money processing times may fluctuate. Still, the legit survey panels below are generally exceptionally good at paying quickly and are considered some of the highest paying sites out there.

branded surveysBranded Surveys – With just 1,000 points ($10) in your account, you’ll qualify for a payout in the form of a gift card or PayPal payment.

Bonus: Get 100 points ($1.00) after joining and completing the profiling survey.
pinecone researchPinecone Research – No minimums with this paying survey site, although you can “bank” rewards if you wish. Earn rewards as soon as you finish completing a survey.

Feature: Earn $3 per survey completion.
prizerebelPrizeRebel – While more than just a ‘survey site’ PrizeRebel offers instant payments and e-cards to Gold members. Processing times for other users is still typically within 24 hours.

Feature: Earn free points from codes posted on social media.
panel champPanel Champ – Receive a PayPal payment or Amazon e-gift code with just $12.50 in your account.

Feature: High paying music surveys.
survey junkieSurvey Junkie – Take surveys and request a $10 PayPal payment and receive it instantly after requesting it.
opinion outpostOpinion Outpost – Get your reward through a PayPal payment, Amazon reward, or iTunes e-gift code when you have $10 in your account.
mysoapboxMySoapBox – Qualify for a wide selection of e-gift cards when your account balance reaches $2.
forthrightForthright – No minimums to start making money. Once you complete a survey, you qualify to receive your payment or e-gift card.
opinionsquareOpinionSquare – 1,500 points required to qualify for a $5 Amazon e-card.
paidviewpointPaidViewPoint – Get cash paid by PayPal, or receive an Amazon or Walmart e-card when your account reaches $15.
surveytimeSurveyTime – With SurveyTime, after completing the profiling survey, every survey you subsequently complete will be automatically pay $1.00 USD to your PayPal account or will award an e-gift card. – Get a PayPal payment within 24 hours of request. Just $1.00 is needed in your account to get paid.
Consumer Village – Earn $5 worth of points required for an Amazon gift voucher redemption.
Mindswarms – Receive $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete.
Darwin’s Data – No minimums; once you successfully complete a survey, receive an Amazon e-code.

Why some survey sites take forever to pay

TortoiseWhile some survey sites pay lightning-fast, other panels need a few days or even a few weeks to validate responses and issue rewards to their members. These delays are very dependent on the system the panel has in place. A market research company might be using an old set up that requires a person to manually check that surveys have been completed, they might need to wait on payment from clients, or they may use a third-party rewards processor who delays things..

It doesn’t mean that these panels are illegitimate. In fact, many of these panels that take longer to pay their members offer greater user experiences (like PointClub), but the set-up they have in place unfortunately, doesn’t facilitate ‘instant’ payments.

Fastest paying survey sites

The survey sites in the table above are the ones on SurveyPolice that are considered ‘fastest paying.’ Read the descriptions above to see which sites align most with what you’re looking for in a survey website. Some survey panels pay by cash, some by gift cards, and some offer a prize or other bonuses. Depending on what you’re looking for rewards-wise, one panel may appeal more to you than another.

Ensure you don’t cause a payment delay yourself

If you are requesting a PayPal payment from a survey site, to avoid payment delays, ensure that your PayPal account is verified. You can easily do this on PayPal’s website with the use of a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Verifying your PayPal account is essentially like verifying your identity. Although not all survey sites require that your PayPal account be verified, many do, so to avoid any potential unforeseen delays, verify it, so you don’t have to worry.

Also, be sure to sign up for survey panels using a PayPal address that links to your PayPal account! Some panels have issues with awarding payments to e-mail addresses that are different from the ones located in a member’s account.

Remember: Survey panels who issue rewards slowly are no less legitimate than ones who pay instantly. The only real difference is your level of patience!

Read full reviews for survey sites

If you’re unsure about the survey sites above and want to find out what others have to say about them, take a look at our survey panel rankings. These rankings are 100% determined by users and are based on more than 18,000 user reviews. If you want to begin to earn that extra money quickly, sign up for a few of these recommended paying survey sites.

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  • GlobalTestMarket should be on this list. It takes a while to earn the 1000 or so points necessary for a reward, but at 1000 points you can choose $45 Amazon gift card, or a GameStop giftcard of similar value. GTM has always paid me, though it takes a week or two from the time of redemption.

  • I’ve been taking surveys for over 2 years now with many companies. My all-time-favorite is Tellwut for their variety of survey opportunities and fast payout. I lost patience with Toluna and several others due to long payout time and lengthy surveys that were often repetitive. I really enjoyed two mock juror surveys I took and look forward to more of those.

  • ipoll emailed me last month saying they are going to close the “Australian ipoll survey site” and continue with the USA ipoll. In the email it said to cash in my points before closing. I emailed them saying I do want to cash it all in for Paypal. Then they sent me another email this will take between 7 – 14 days. Last email was 27th April 2016. I emailed back saying I didn’t receive payment. I have not received an email back. What do I do next please.

  • I will agree with you that almost all of the survey sites you have featured here will surely pay immediately or as soon as the threshold redemption has been reached… however this is not the normal situations in some countries, including mine, the Philippines wherein the availability of surveys given are almost zero or none at all so to speak.. I have joined such sites that promised fast payout however it will take you forever to enjoy such a prized privilege. Just like what you said, Patience is the dominant factor here…

  • MyView shouldn’t be on this list, unless their policies have changed. I belonged to them for a few years, and at first I got my gift cards within a couple of weeks. Eventually, it became 2-3 MONTHS and I had to keep asking. I want to give a shout out to Tellwut. It only takes 2-3 weeks to earn enough for a $10 gift card, and they send the link within a couple of days! Very impressed with them.

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