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379 West Broadway, New York, NY  10012 US
Tel: 212-652-3590   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Bovitz Inc.


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Forthright is a surveys site that offers online consumer surveys and public opinion polls that they need your insights in. Join for free and get rewarded on a site that pays, “better than any other site around”.

Payment and Rewards

Participate and get your rewards without having to wait!

After joining Forthright, receive e-mail invitations inviting you to participate in online surveys and other types of research. The e-mail will state the dollar value of the study. After completing the study, simply log into your Forthright bank to cash out your rewards. No minimum account balance is required (although you can accumulate earnings before requesting payment, if you wish). Note that validated members will receive their rewards instantly after completing a survey.

Choose from popular reward options

By participating in surveys and other research with Forthright, earn your choice of the following rewards:

  • Cash paid to your PayPal account
  • bitcoin paid via Coinbase
  • Amazon e-gift cards
  • Tango cards (which can be exchanged for gift cards to dozens of major retailers)
  • Donations to Habitat for Humanity

Note that for reward redemptions under $10.00, a $0.25 redemption fee will be applied.

Earn fair compensation for your participation

With Forthright surveys, you can participate in studies that are typically worth anywhere between $1-$5 each. As well, earn a $2 loyalty bonus for every 3 surveys you complete or attempt to complete! That means that even if you get disqualified from a survey, it will count towards getting your $2 bonus after 3 survey attempts/completions. They also provide loyalty credits and a bonus award for every 3 credits earned.

Survey Taking Experience

Take surveys and do product testing at home

Forthright offers their panelists the opportunity to participate in online surveys as well as in the occasional product test.

Earn up to $10 per day

You can complete up to $10 worth of surveys per day with Forthright. This includes online surveys that they've been commissioned to administer as well as for partner surveys, whose rates are matched to survey lengths.

Answer surveys from your phone without issue!

Forthright's surveys are mobile-friendly, so if you tend to take surveys on the go, there's no need to worry about running into trouble when you use your mobile device to access them. Forthright does not currently offer a mobile app.

Opportunities to win

Forthright offers their community members opportunities to win great prizes such as gift cards in sweepstakes. Watch for announcements on their Facebook page and other social media for when a new giveaway is running.

Eligibility: Forthright surveys is available to US residents only.

Forthright is also known as 'Beforthright'. In urls on the website especially, you will see references to Beforthright. innoPoll was rebranded as Forthright in July, 2017.

Forthright Reviews (82)

5 Star Reviews (27) 32.9
4 Star Reviews (11) 13.4
3 Star Reviews (8) 9.8
2 Star Reviews (9) 11.0
1 Star Reviews (27) 32.9

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Review of forthright!

January 28, 2023 by Mitchell from United States

While being a member i've had some really good surveys from this panel. l bet of all you can get paid right after you're done with it, their surveys last for about 10 minutes to 20. the 20 minute one pays a little more. I think people should join this one.

worst survey site

January 12, 2023 by Rogelio from United States

They claim you can make $10 a day when it’s nearly impossible when 80% of the time you will get disqualified. not worth the stress. Try Qmee instead better pay and not as much disqualifications.

Forget them!!

December 29, 2022 by sandi from United States

I was getting surveys regularly, and then they just stopped completely. I wrote to them, i thought maybe they were folding up, but not even a reply. Its been almost a year since i've received anything and no reply.
This one was so much fun and easy to qualify. Cash out was easy and fast. Then all of a sudden, no surveys, no nothing. I wrote several times, and not even a reply.. I stopped emailing them.. got fed up they couldnt even answer me.

Partner surveys inconsistent

August 15, 2022 by Shantale from United States

I have been using Fourth right for years, and I love the website. However, I don't believe they should add partner surveys, they are horrible.

Paid right after taking...

August 14, 2022 by Derrick from United States

Cool thing about these folks is they pay you when you finish (qualified). Via paypal, Amazon, etc., For every three surveys that you take (qualify or not) you get a performance bonus (I forget the exact wording but its a bonus).
Surveys don't come often, maybe twice a week. Easy sign up.

I have been using this for years and they recently partnered with another firm for Partner Surveys "InBrain", The partner was good at the beginning of my use of it then server/website problems/crashing all the time. Now the last fifteen surveys have ALL resulted in 'oops looks like something went wrong' messages at the, literally, last stage when pressing the 'submit' button. Seems kind of engineered but I hope I am wrong because i like how the site works.

UPDATE 8-13-22
The InBrain partner is good because they pay but the longer surveys ALWAYS end with 'OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG'. The first few times i could see it might be a configuration error but literally EVERY long survey ends this way? Apparently this is an engineered thing so as not to pay out but the creator (not Beforthright) still gets paid. You would think that after so many months this issue would have been taken care of because I know i am not the only one to have noticed it. BEFORTHRIGHT is a great place to survey with but they need to speak to their partners because they are giving them a bad rep.