Top Rated Get-Paid-To Programs

How GPT Sites Work

GPT stands for “Get Paid To”. GPT sites enable you to earn cash and other rewards by taking surveys, reading e-mails, watching ads, completing offers, shopping online, playing games, referring friends, and more. If you’re new to GPT Sites, browse our Ultimate GPT Guide for detailed information on how these programs work, and scroll down to read hundreds of reviews to find the very best GPT sites.

Top User-Rated GPT Sites

Score 40.93%
Score 59.09%
Score 58.95%
Score 58.50%
Score 55.00%
Score 39.47%
Score 37.50%
How is this calculated? GPT sites are assigned a score using SurveyPolice’s ranking algorithm. To ensure accuracy of the rankings, the Top 10 GPT sites are required to have a minimum number of reviews.

How to earn cash and credits with GPT sites

If you are looking for ways to get paid to work from home, GPT programs can be worth exploring. Upon joining these websites, you can earn cash and rewards by participating in a variety of different activities, all from the same website. Depending on what activities interest you most, you may find some programs to be a better fit than others. Earn cash and gift cards for participating, and benefit from being able to cash out early thanks to low redemption minimums.

Interested in watching videos?

Some of the best GPT sites offer different ‘channels’ and programs that you can tune in to get paid to watch videos. Simply navigate to the Videos section of your GPT account, and tune in to videos and shows that interest you. These videos can be anything from short cooking show segments to sports clips to local news clips, and more. You can get paid to watch ads on these videos, or sometimes the videos themselves serve as an advertisement for YouTubers trying to get their channels off the ground, to raise awareness for a product or brand, or to show previews of shows you may be interested in watching.

Some sites will offer playlists that contain two or three dozen videos that range in length from a few minutes to an hour. Sometimes you’ll be credited for tuning into the entire playlist or for watching a set number of ads (that are basically commercials).

You can get paid to watch videos on: Swagbucks (currently offering a $5.00 joining bonus), PrizeRebel, and ySense

If you love shopping online

Many GPT sites offer some sort of a get paid to shop offer. This is most typically in the form of cashback. These sites will have a shopping section where if you click through to your favorite store via a special link that leads to an online store and you make a purchase, you can earn a portion of your purchase back in the form of cash or credits posted back to your GPT account. These cashback amounts can be as high as 10%, which can provide significant savings on your next purchase – especially if you’re purchasing things via these links that you would otherwise normally be buying online anyway.

You can get paid to shop online on: Swagbucks, QuickRewards Network, and Qmee

Want to read emails?

Although a less popular option now than a few years ago, you can still get paid to read emails. You’ll have to provide your consent to receive ‘marketing emails’ and upon doing so, you’ll mainly receive emails that will contain ads and links to different offers. Although you can unsubscribe at any time, before agreeing to receiving these emails, ensure your email address on file is not your primary email address.

You can get paid to read emails on: QuickRewards Network and MyPoints

If you love playing games

Getting paid to play games online is offered in three formats: playing games offered directly via the GPT website and earning credits for doing so, downloading apps onto your phone that are games, or playing online games that are offered by places such as online casinos that provide free play credits.

Playing games posted on a GPT site might earn you just a few, or sometimes a lot of points, depending on what level you must achieve before being credited with points. Downloading gaming apps on your phone can provide more points, but be sure to check if what you're downloading has good reviews and is safe. If you choose to sign up with and play games on casino sites (via a GPT program), you can earn significant rewards.

You can get paid to play games on: Freecash, Earnably, and QuickRewards Network

If surveys are your thing

All GPT sites offer opportunities to get paid for taking surveys. They all offer systems called ‘routers’ where you can click through to a series of studies that you'll match with based on the profile information you provide in your account. Every survey will list the topic of the study, approximately how long it will take to complete, as well as how much you will earn for completing it. If you prefer to take surveys directly through survey panels, check out the best survey sites on SurveyPolice.

You can get paid to do surveys on: PrizeRebel, Swagbucks, and ySense

Have you tried micro tasks?

Micro tasks and micro jobs are exactly what they sound like – very small tasks that are completed online in exchange for rewards. These can include things like helping AI systems by deciphering text in pictures, tagging things online, doing basic data entry and more. Most of these tasks are offered by Appen and can be accessed and completed directly through your GPT account.

The best micro task sites include: PrizeRebel, instaGC, and ySense

Get paid to search

Most people conduct internet searches every day but don’t receive any sort of incentive for doing so. By conducting these searches via a search tool offered on GPT sites, you can earn a small reward for every query you enter. As this is something you likely do daily anyway, using your favorite GPT program can mean that you can get paid for your searches.

You can get paid to search on: Swagbucks, instaGC, QuickRewards Network, and Qmee

Getting paid by PayPal

PayPal is generally considered the most preferred way to get paid for surveys and other activities online. Few things beat cash, and as PayPal is available in most countries online and is secure, instant and reliable, it remains as popular as ever for sending and receiving payments.

The vast majority of the best GPT sites offer PayPal as a payment option (though gift cards, bitcoin, and pre-paid Visa cards may also be offered).

You can get paid by PayPal on: PrizeRebel, Swagbucks, and Freecash

Sign up bonuses to make note of:

If you're new to GPT programs, you might want to consider joining sites that offer sign up bonuses, as this will shorten the time it takes to reach your first cashout. A list of GPT sites and their respective bonuses (as well as cash out minimums) is listed below for your convenience.

  • Swagbucks - $5.00 joining bonus, $25 minimum cash out
  • Offernation – $0.25 signup bonus, $1.00 minimum cash out
  • – $0.20 signup bonus, $1.00 minimum cash out
  • Rewarding Ways – $0.20 signup bonus, $1.00 minimum cash out
  • instaGC – 10 free points, 100 point ($1.00) minimum cash out
  • Freecash – instantly win $0.05-$250 for joining, $0.10 minimum cash out

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