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How to Cash In on Micro Jobs with Figure Eight

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As of February, 2018, Crowdflower rebranded itself as Figure Eight


If you’re a member of a GPT program (get-paid-to program), you’ve no doubt seen jobs for Figure Eight advertised alongside survey opportunities, program offers to complete and shopping bonuses to collect.

In this article we’ll discuss exactly how Figure Eight works, especially in the context of how they work with GPT programs. Find out why doing micro tasks are popular, are a great way to make money, and how you can get the most out of these types of tasks.

What is Figure Eight and how does it work?

With Figure Eight, you can apply to complete simple micro-tasks. These micro-tasks train artificial intelligence programs to better respond to real-world scenarios. Task examples include transcribing audio, moderating content (ex. is something PG-13 or rated ‘R’), drawing simple shapes, etc. Each task will state the topic of the task, its difficulty and what the payout for completion is. On completion of each task, you will receive a small sum of money that will be credited to your GPT account.

How to get started

In order to be able to participate and get started with Figure Eight tasks, you must first apply to become a contributor. This can be done directly through Figure Eight’s website, or you can log into your GPT account and access Figure Eight’s signup page through there.


Once you’ve been accepted as a new contributor, you can start looking for jobs. Each task you’ll see on Figure Eight has an identifying Job Title that you can use to determine at a glance if that task is right for you. The number of tasks available for each job will be stated, which refers to the maximum amount of times that you can perform that particular job.

Each task will have its associated pay listed, which will be expressed in points. The pay per task may seem low, ranging from what works out to be about a penny to a couple bucks each, and rarely higher than that. However, with practice, attaining a higher level, and by using a few tricks, it is possible that you can become fast enough to be able to earn $100 extra a month or more. That really is the key to making money with Figure Eight – speed.

The key to success on Figure Eight is performing tasks quickly and efficiently so that you earn a fair profit.


starsFinally, each task will have a rating next to it, which is shown as stars. This indicates the overall satisfaction other contributors have had who worked on this job.

Doing Figure Eight tasks across different websites

Once you’ve become a member of Figure Eight (aka a contributor), you can log into almost any major GPT website to view and take Figure Eight tasks. Whichever GPT site you prefer is the one you should complete Figure Eight tasks through. The internet’s largest GPT programs have partnered with Figure Eight, who in total works with over a dozen different partner websites.

Figure Eight Elite

Figure Eight Elite was replaced by the Contributor Portal in the spring of 2019. If you had a Figure Eight Elite Contributor Portal account, it is unfortunately no longer available.

Figure Eight tips and tricks

You might notice that some of the better paying jobs are harder to land than others. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting good tasks.

Tip #1

One way to ensure you grab a job as soon as it becomes available is a trick that involves using your browser’s bookmark and auto-refresh feature. First, make a bookmark for each of your target qualified task IDs. Then, download and install an auto-refresh utility or extension to your browser. Go to one of your bookmarks, and set the auto-refresher for every 5 to 10 seconds. This will help in automatically being assigned the next available task, without having to manually refresh the page yourself.

Tip #2

If you have special skills, you may also qualify for more, and better paying jobs. Take the online tests through the Figure Eight platform that will help measure your proficiency in various areas. If you pass the test(s), you will be become a skilled contributor which will give you the ability to complete tasks that not only make use of your knowledge, but are more lucrative.

Tip #3

As with online survey sites, you should also ensure that your Crowdflower contributor profile is kept up to date. This will ensure that your tasks feed will be as relevant as possible.

Increasing your level to get higher paying jobs

The three different Performance Levels on the site restrict which tasks you are eligible to perform; the higher your level, the more tasks you can do. You’ll be rated for accuracy on each job, and as you do more of them and keep a higher level of accuracy, you’ll be promoted all the way up to level 3, as indicated by a purple badge.

  • Level 1 contributors have completed over 100 test questions across many different job types and overall have a very high accuracy rate.
  • Level 2 contributors have completed over 100 test questions across many different job types and overall have an extremely high accuracy rate.
  • Level 3 contributors have completed over 100 test questions across many different job types and overall have a near perfect accuracy rate.

Figure Eight levels

To remain qualified for jobs, you will need to complete task accuracy quiz questions. Make sure you keep your performance accurate, or you’ll get demoted temporarily until your stats recover. At worst, you can even get disqualified from performing certain jobs, so ensure that you keep quality high.

Earning level badges will grant you exclusive access to more and better paying jobs. Certain jobs are only available to those with level badges, and as such, you will receive better customer service from the Figure Eight support team should you encounter any issues.

GPT Programs who offer Figure Eight tasks:

Figure Eight tasks are available via the web’s largest GPT websites. On these websites, you can also complete surveys, shop online and earn rebates, play games, watch videos and refer friends, in exchange for earning cash and gift card rewards. GPT sites that are linked up with Figure Eight include:

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