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Online Survey Jobs in Nigeria

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Finding online survey jobs in Nigeria has not always been simple; in the past, the demand for the opinions of Nigerian consumers from businesses was not high. However, following the continued growth of the Nigerian economy, businesses are showing more interest in researching consumer opinion. As a result, a handful of reliable paid survey websites have emerged that allow Nigerian residents to make money for sharing their opinions.

In this guide, you’ll discover our list of the most recommended online survey websites to use if you live in Nigeria.

What are Online Survey Jobs?

Online survey jobs can be found on websites that pay their members to answer surveys.

Typically, these websites will pay their members in credits for every survey they complete. These credits can be exchanged for rewards, including PayPal payments or retail gift cards.

The results of these surveys can be very valuable to businesses targeting people in your demographic, and many businesses will pay the survey websites handsomely for this data. That’s how the survey websites can afford to pay their panels for sharing their opinions online.

While survey jobs can rarely replace the salary of a full-time job, they allow consumers to earn a useful side-income from the comfort of their own homes. And paid surveys in Nigeria are a great starting point!

Online Survey Jobs In Nigeria: Recommended Websites

TGM Panel

tgm surveys
TGM Panel accepts applications from citizens of more than 80 countries around the world. Nigeria is included in this list, and many Nigerian residents have found themselves able to earn a decent side-income from this website.

This website pays its members via PayPal, or you can choose to receive your rewards as retail gift vouchers. You’ll need to earn $10 worth of credits before you can withdraw from this website.

If you refer a friend to join TGM Panel, you’ll be given 10% of their earnings as a thank you bonus every time they make a withdrawal.

Survey Time

surveytime website
Survey Time is another internationally-renowned website where Nigerians can earn good money by answering online surveys.

You’ll receive $1 for every survey you complete and you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want!

There aren’t as many opportunities for Nigerians as there are for residents of other nations, but the high payout means this is still a website worth considering.

Switched On

SwitchedOn is an African-focused paid survey website. It’s available to residents of Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya only. It might therefore present more opportunities for answering surveys than the more internationally-focused websites.

The surveys on offer are usually very short so they don’t pay as well as other websites on this list, but since there are a lot of surveys available, you can still rack up earnings very quickly.

This website is somewhat unique as it offers different types of rewards for different surveys. You might earn cash rewards for some surveys and credits to be spent on retail vouchers for others.  Some of the partnered retailers include Africareeds, DealDey, Ekedc, Glo, Jumia, Nntel, Nkataa, and The 5K Shop.


ysense website
ySense is a popular get-paid-to (GPT) website, which allows users to earn money by completing a range of tasks, not just answering surveys. You can also build your earnings by watching videos or testing various online services, for example. If you refer your friends and family members to YSense, you’ll receive 30% of their earnings as a bonus.

superpayme website
SuperPayMe is another GPT website that is fast becoming known for accepting members from across the world.

Nigerians can expect a lot of opportunities to make money by answering surveys on this website. You can also add to your credits by watching videos or getting involved with the deals on its ‘Offer Wall’.

This website allows you to withdraw your funds once you’ve earned as little as $1 USD worth of credits. It’s also possible to withdraw your earnings as retail gift vouchers or Bitcoin deposits.

Better yet, you’ll receive a notable bonus if you’re one of the top 20 earners every quarter.

The Bottom Line

There has never been a better opportunity to make good money from online survey jobs in Nigeria. Each of these websites can give Nigerian residents an opportunity to top up their income by sharing their opinions on various consumer topics or by completing other tasks.

Those who are serious about making a notable side-income might choose to register for all of these websites to maximize their online income. Just remember that most of these websites include a minimum earnings threshold before you can make a withdrawal.

Don’t forget that you can often earn bonuses by referring your family and friends to these websites too. These can lead to a notable earnings boost in some cases, so don’t hesitate to spread the hype with your loved ones.

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