Top Survey Sites of 2024

Find out which survey sites have the distinction of being selected as SurveyPolice’s Top Survey Picks of 2024.
Published: January 12, 2024, Updated January 15, 2024

Top Survey Sites of 2024 text near wad of cash

With the arrival of 2024, we are proud to present our carefully curated list of the top survey sites of the year. For the past decade (believe it or not!), we have diligently undertaken the task of identifying the top 5 survey platforms. This annual tradition has served both seasoned survey participants in search of the finest paid survey providers as well as newcomers who are curious about the survey-taking landscape and are looking for a place to start.

Wondering how we picked the top survey sites of 2024? Here is the same criteria we have used for years, and which has proven to be an effective way of selecting sites that survey takers love:

  • Overall reputation among SurveyPolice users (as based on user reviews)
  • Changes in sentiment expressed in user reviews over the past year
  • Rewards offered to survey takers as well as overall user experience
  • Customer service attentiveness

If you’ve never taken a survey before, the sites below are an excellent place to start. If you have any questions about how survey taking works, we encourage you to check our FAQ section.

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Top Site #1: PaidViewpoint

paidviewpoint website
In the 10 years we’ve been selecting the top survey sites for the year, one name has consistently risen to the top: PaidViewpoint. While we’ve featured them in the top position many times before, crowning them as our top survey site of 2024 was an easy decision; with such high user satisfaction, it’s hard to justify assigning the top spot to anyone else.

Early this year, PaidViewpoint announced that they will be making some changes to their site including new branding, a website redesign and an easier sign up process. We’re excited to see what they come up with!

Why we like PaidViewpoint:

PaidViewpoint continues to outperform. It is transparent, fair, reliable and a continued favorite among survey takers. You can expect to complete online surveys for cash, which you can receive in the form of a PayPal payment. If you’re from a select country, you can also choose to get paid via e-gift card. There are no gimmicks, exaggerations, or sudden account deactivations like what you may experience with other sites. Their transparency is unparalleled – something both we and more importantly, their survey takers, appreciate.

PaidViewpoint’s exceptional fairness, and transparency make it a perennial favorite among survey takers. When you participate in PVP’s surveys, you can expect to earn real cash, conveniently delivered through PayPal. If you happen to reside in certain countries, you also have the option of receiving e-gift cards as rewards. What truly sets PaidViewpoint apart is its unwavering commitment to transparency – a quality that both we and their survey participants greatly appreciate and one that is still hard to find in websites in the online survey taking space.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

Taking surveys with Paidviewpoint is very simple; simply fill in a short registration form, and you’ll immediately receive a $1.00 joining bonus credited to your account. When logged in, listed beneath your account balance, you’ll find the number of available surveys awaiting your participation and once you’ve earned $15, you can cash out your earnings for your first PayPal payment. Rewards are processed within a swift 72-hour timeframe, and typically, much sooner than that.

  • PaidViewpoint’s surveys are known for their straightforwardness. Unlike most other survey platforms, you’ll never face a disqualification, meaning that if you are invited to complete a survey, you’ll be able to finish it from start to finish, without interruption.
  • The first time you cash out your earnings, you’ll need $15 in your account. But that initial $15 threshold decreases for members with a solid track record. Your second cashout can be initiated at $10, followed by a mere $5 for subsequent withdrawals.
  • For those looking to earn a bit of money every day, PaidViewpoint offers ‘trait surveys.’ While not meant to replace full paying surveys, these provide a steady trickle of cash towards your payout goal.
  • Dedicated participants also benefit from increasing ‘TraitScores,’ with a score of 9000 leading to more lucrative survey opportunities. This is done by answering surveys honestly and by providing thoughtful answers. These members receive priority invitations to exclusive surveys.
  • Get paid quickly via PayPal, or if you reside in the USA, Canada, or UK, optionally choose to receive your earnings via a gift card from Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more.

With well over 2000 five-star reviews on SurveyPolice, PaidViewpoint continues to capture our heart, along with its legions of fans. Whether you prefer taking surveys on your computer or via their Android app, PaidViewpoint’s consistent attention to user needs and dedication to member satisfaction, make them the premier site to participate in surveys.

Rewards offered:

PaidViewpoint rewards its participants with cash paid via PayPal that is paid in US dollars, regardless of your country of residence. Additionally, members in the USA, UK, and Canada have the added option of receiving earnings in the form of e-gift cards.


PaidViewpoint welcomes participants from over 50 countries worldwide, with a minimum age requirement of 13 (16 in the EU). Join the PaidViewpoint community today and experience a survey platform that truly values your time and input.

Joining Bonus! PaidViewpoint is currently offering a $1.00 sign up bonus to new members. » Click here to claim your bonus!

Top Site #2: Prime Opinion

prime opinion website
Prime Opinion is a new survey site that has been making waves. With their generous joining bonus of $1-$5, quick surveys and easy cashouts, paired with availability in multiple countries worldwide, have made it a smash hit among survey takers.

Why we like Prime Opinion:

When a survey site pays a joining bonus, and they offer a low (achievable) cash out minimum, it immediately catches our attention. Prime Opinion offers this, along with high quality surveys where disqualifications are uncommon, and there are dozens of reward options to choose from.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

  • When you join Prime Opinion, choose between receiving a $1, $2, or $5 joining bonus. Get $1 if you choose to cash out at $5, receive $2 if you choose to cash out at $10, or receive $5 if you choose to get paid when your account reaches $25.
  • Get paid quickly! Cash reward requests are processed in mere hours, while other rewards (gift cards, etc) are received lightening quick, or in some cases, instant!
  • Choose from tons of different reward options including cash (via PayPal, Venmo, ACH), gift cards (Uber, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.), credit cards (both virtual and physical options available), or choose a charitable donation. Note that reward options will depend on your country of residence.
  • Great selection of surveys available, with most being easy to qualify for. If you do get disqualified from completing a survey, receive free points for attempting it.

Rewards offered:

Cash payments are offered via Paypal, Venmo, or directly to your bank account (in some countries). Pre-paid Visas are available, in addition to e-gift cards to a massive variety of stores including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and dozens more. Charitable donations to the Red Cross and social justice organizations are also an option.


Residents of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, most European nations, as well as some Arab, Asian and South American nations.

Top Site #3: ACOP

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) website

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion) maintains its third position for the top survey site of 2024. They continue to offer solid customer support, and with an impressive 20-year track record as one of the longest-standing survey platforms online, they are a dependable choice. What sets them apart from other survey sites is their inclusivity, as their surveys are open to participants from all around the world—a distinctive feature not commonly found among survey panels.

Why we like ACOP:

With its 20 year history providing paid surveys to users around the world, ACOP is a solid survey provider. They consistently offer high-quality surveys, fair compensation and prompt payments, all backed by strong customer service. Over the span of two decades, many survey panels have come and gone, but ACOP has staying power.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

ACOP provides a diverse range of ways to participate in their program, including traditional online surveys, focus groups, and unique options for providing feedback on advertisements. They also offer product testing, allowing you to test products sent to your home. When your account reaches just $10, you have the flexibility to request a PayPal payment, a Hyperwallet payment, or choose to make a charitable donation.

  • Despite being a smaller yet well-established survey panel, their dedication to addressing customer service inquiries sets them apart from larger market research companies. Thoughtless, canned, templated responses are common among other providers, but ACOP beats to its own drummer and gives panelists the individualized attention they deserve.
  • Cashing out rewards is straightforward – once you reach a $10 balance, you can request a payment and expect to receive it within one to two weeks.
  • ACOP is open to participants from around the world (although invitations to studies may be more frequent for those residing in developed nations). This inclusive approach welcomes membership for anyone interested in making money online via participation in focus groups, product testing, and evaluating advertising campaigns and packaging designs.
  • ACOP’s paid surveys rarely take more than 10 minutes to complete, making them a preferred survey destination for those short on time.

Rewards offered:

Receive cash payments via PayPal and Hyperwallet. Alternatively, you have the option to convert your points into entries for sweepstakes with exciting prizes. Or, simply choose to make a charitable donation using your points.


ACOP welcomes participants from all corners of the globe aged 14 and above to join their panel.

Top Site #4: Tellwut

tellwut website

We’ve once again chosen Tellwut as one of our top survey sites of the year. With a freshly designed website in 2023 and membership exceeding 2.5 million, Tellwut continues to be a leader in respondent satisfaction.

Why we like Tellwut:

When Tellwut started (back in 2012), they were immediately known for their excellent customer service. Although the site has since gone through a change in ownership and a redesign, their commitment to their community still rings true. They provide plenty of opportunities to complete surveys, and payments are made promptly.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

Tellwut has always fostered more of a community spirit than most other survey sites. The ability for users to create and post their own surveys is unique and carries incentives, though participating in traditional online surveys on the website provides the fastest way to earn rewards.

  • Customer service is top notch. If you run into a problem on the website or with a survey not crediting properly, ensure you contact CS within 12 hours of your difficulties and they will try their best to make things right.
  • Participate in one of many surveys posted to the platform at any given time. External surveys carry the highest rewards.
  • Post and share your own fun surveys to the Tellwut community to earn bonus points.
  • Follow Tellwut on social media to participate in fun and easy contests where you can win free points.
  • Get paid via PayPal, physical gift card, or by e-gift card with just $10 worth of points in your account.

Rewards offered:

Choose from rewards as low as $10 and as high as $100 which include PayPal payments, e-gift cards to major retailers, or a physical gift card that will be mailed to you. E-gift cards and PayPal payments are issued within days of request, while physical gift cards take a couple of weeks to receive, as they are mailed.


Residents of the USA and Canada.

Joining Bonus! Tellwut is currently offering a 250 point sign up bonus to new members who complete their profile. » Click here to claim your bonus!

Top Site #5: FreeCash

freecash website
Freecash, a GPT site that continue to impress, has made our top 5 list for the second year in a row. With almost $50 million earned by Freecash users from around the world, the site continues to expand rapidly, growing a devoted user base at breakneck speed.

Why we like Freecash:

Freecash boasts an unbeatable combination of a minimal payment threshold and lightning-fast payouts. Request a cryptocurrency payment with as little as $0.50 in your account or request a gift card with just a $5 balance. Rewards, except for PayPal payments, are usually processed within 5-10 minutes. Freecash also offers engaging contests on social media and ‘prize cases,’ where you can instantly win up to $250 upon joining the website. Freecash is open to users worldwide, offering income-earning opportunities, especially in regions where making money online is challenging.

What it’s like taking surveys for them:

On the Freecash homepage, you can view how long it takes the average participant to earn their first cash out. This typically ranges between 10-15 minutes. You can also track how much the average cash out is (usually $10-$20), and the number of total rewards paid (currently sitting around $50 million). At the top of the home screen, see a live ticker of the rewards users are requesting in real-time.

  • Freecash offers one of the lowest cash out levels of any program, at just $0.50 for crypto payments. Gift cards are available with as little as $5 in earnings.
  • There are multiple ways of earning cash on the platform; completing paid surveys is the easiest way, although participating in offers such as taking quizzes, playing games, downloading apps, and signing up for free trials are also options.
  • Optimize your earnings strategy by checking the ratings of survey and offer providers in your country. If a provider receives high ratings for your region, it means that earning cash with them will be a smoother process.
  • Choose from a variety of unique reward options. Freecash offers PayPal payments, e-gift cards, crypto payments (bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodgecoin and more), and video skin downloads.
  • Keep an eye out for ‘code drops’ shared on social media, which can earn you bonuses and free points. Additionally, engage in entertaining contests and sweepstakes that are regularly posted on social.

Rewards offered:

Freecash provides a variety of rewards, ranging from conventional options to distinctive choices. Opt for a PayPal payment or select an e-gift card for popular platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Spotify, and more. Alternatively, receive your payment in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. If you prefer a more unique reward, you can even choose a video game skin for games like Fortnite or League of Legends. It’s worth noting that, apart from PayPal, all other rewards are processed in just 5-10 minutes!


Open to residents worldwide, though users in Western nations will enjoy the most success with the program.

Joining Bonus! Freecash is currently offering the opportunity to instantly win $0.05-$250 just for joining! » Click here to claim your bonus!

Honorable Mention: Branded Surveys

branded surveys website
Branded Surveys remains a solid choice if you’re looking for a quick cash out. With just $5 worth of earnings in your account, you can cash out your earnings for a gift card. And with a $1.00 (100 point) joining bonus, achieving your first cashout is typically very quick. You can also build your account balance to save up for a cash transfer made directly to your bank account, or for a PayPal payment. The more you participate on the website, the more bonuses you can earn, which help you reach cashouts sooner. At any given time, there are plenty of surveys available to take, however some users have had a hard time qualifying for some studies. Receive a few bonus points for any survey you attempt but are unable to complete, and take daily quick polls for more bonus points.


Branded Surveys is available in the USA, UK, and Canada.

What Changed from Last Year’s Rankings

There were a few major shake ups when comparing 2023’s list of top survey sites to 2024’s: Prime Opinion rocketed up to position #2, Branded Surveys dropped from the #4 spot to an honorable mention, and Prize Rebel was removed.

We chose to give Prime Opinion second place, as survey taker’s feedback has generally been very positive, and their expansion into countries beyond North America, make it a more inclusive survey site. Their joining bonus is very generous and with survey takers generally enjoying taking their surveys, we thought they deserved proper recognition.

Branded Surveys dropped to an honorable mention, mainly due to account deactivations and at times, high disqualification rates. They offer a huge inventory of paid surveys, but lately, some participants have had a very hard time qualifying for studies. We’re not sure if their survey providers have changed or if the quality has simply declined, but unfortunately, this has affected the quality of the panel overall.