Top Online Survey Panels for 2015

Published on January 8, 2015, updated on January 1, 2021

SurveyPolice Top Survey Panels 2015

A now annual tradition, check out the SurveyPolice top online survey panel picks for 2015!

If you’re new to online surveys, joining these survey panels is a good place to start. Please read our faq about online surveys if you’re unsure of how online surveys work.

#1 – Pinecone Research

opinion outpostLast year, Pinecone Research Pinecone Research was in 4th place on our list, but this year, they’re #1!

Why we like them: A classic. So consistent.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Surveys are pretty straightforward and almost always award $3 a piece (if you’re in the USA). You can get paid by check, by PayPal, or choose from a selection of merchandise. Occasionally, product testing opportunities are offered. In 2014, they finally redesigned their website, and they opened up their registration a bit more to new members looking to join their website. We hope this trend continues!

Rewards offered: Cash paid via check, cash paid via PayPal, Merchandise

#2 – Quest Mindshare (now Panel Champ)

panel champA pretty new survey panel, Quest Mindshare has proven themselves to be worthy.

Why we like them: Worldwide membership, low payment threshold.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Quest offers high paying music surveys that pay around $3, and are only a few minutes long. This, along with their low payment threshold of $12 makes it relatively easy to accumulate earnings. Payments are made by PayPal and are processed efficiently. Membership is also open to people from various countries around the world (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, just to name a few), which we really like.

Rewards offered: PayPal payments

#3 – MyView (now merged with OneOpinion)

myviewMyView is not new, but in the last year especially, they seem to have really improved.

Why we like them: Points awarded for disqualifications.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: MyView regularly sends surveys and awards 100 points even when you don’t qualify. Redeem your points ($10 minimum) for a wide selection of gift cards from places like Amazon, iTunes and Wal-mart, as well as a variety of other retailers and restaurants. MyView accepts international members but USA residents will be contacted most often. Chances to win gift cards are also offered and members actually win!

Rewards offered: Gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Wal-mart, more)

On May 1, 2017, MyView merged with OneOpinion

#4 – EPoll Surveys

epoll surveysDespite their old-school website design, Epoll Surveys is still a great survey panel.

Why we like them: Fun surveys, easy to earn gift cards

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Epoll generally offers shorter surveys that are fun and easy to complete. Some surveys consist of watching new television shows and providing feedback. With only $5 worth of points in your account, you can request a reward. They offer a great selection of gift cards to choose from and also offer the option to get paid by PayPal.

Rewards offered: PayPal payments, gift cards

#5 – OpinionSite

opinionsiteDespite their old-school website design, OpinionSite is starting to get noticed.

Why we like them: They’re straightforward.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: OpinionSite also offers points for survey disqualifications and you can request a payment check when your account reaches $10 worth of points. Surveys tend to be worth around $1-$2 each. Although OpinionSite has its strengths, we’ve docked marks on only offering checks as a cashout option.

Rewards offered: Cash paid by check

Honorable Mentions:

Darwin’s Data – Just like last year, we’re giving Darwin’s Data another honorable mention. Two years in a row now, they are the highest rated survey panel on SurveyPolice, which is quite a feat! The problem is that after joining (if you are lucky enough to get in), the chances of being contacted regularly for follow-up surveys is generally low; some members seem to be contacted a few times a year, while others never seem to hear from Darwin’s Data again after receiving their initial $10 sign-up bonus. Darwin’s Data specializes in market research surrounding legal disputes and asks their members to review cases. $25 per assignment completion is offered alongside prize draws to those who are fortunate enough to be contacted to complete surveys regularly. Membership continues to be limited to those living within the USA.

» Find out more about Darwin’s Data.