Top Online Survey Panels for 2014

Published on January 22, 2014, updated on January 1, 2020

SurveyPolice Top Survey Panels 2014

We’ve thought long and hard, and have put together our top online survey panel picks for 2014!

If you’re new to online surveys, joining these survey panels is a good place to start. Please read our faq about online surveys if you’re unsure of how online surveys work.

#1 – Crowdology

crowdologyFirst place goes to Crowdology! Originally mostly a UK-only panel in the past, Crowdology just recently branched into the USA. Run by some friendly folks at Redshift Research, they gave their old UK website a facelift and designed their USA version to match it.

Why we like them: A for Effort.

We here at SurveyPolice really like it when survey panels are not afraid to communicate with their members, even in public! Back in October, Crowdology generously participated on our forum to answer questions survey takers had about market research and the survey taking process.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Not only are they not afraid to talk, but they offer a very low minimum payment threshold for their members to be able to request rewards. At only $8.00 USD, (£4), and offering payouts within 48 hours of request, it’s not hard for Crowdology members to earn their first PayPal payments. Although they’ve had some members experience issues with qualifying for surveys, we’re confident that they’re working on this issue to give their members the best survey taking experience possible.

Rewards offered: Cash paid via PayPal.

#2 – Opinion Place (now closed)

opinion placeRun by uSamp, a company who has over 12 million survey takers spread across half a dozen major survey panels, expertly conducting market research is nothing new to these big guns. Originally primarily aimed at AOL users, Opinion Place has grown leaps and bounds since its inception around 15 years ago (you read that right!).

Why we like them: Fair payouts and no cashout minimums.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: It’s always nice when you know how much you’ll earn from taking a survey, and knowing you’ll receive your reward without having to wait long for it. No need to accumulate a minimum cashout balance in your account – after you take a survey (usually for $1-$5) with Opinion Place, they’ll simply send you your reward. Although on their website they say it can take 3-4 weeks for them to pay for a completed survey, many members have received their promised rewards almost immediately.

Although some members find it tedious to log into their website daily to see if any surveys are available, (versus being notified via e-mail), in some ways this evens the playing field and rewards users who are extra keen to take surveys. Their selection of rewards is good – PayPal payments, Amazon gift codes, and AAdvantage miles…contest entries are available too for those who feel lucky. Although only one survey is available for completion weekly, due to the generous payouts they offer, and their quick rewards processing times, we think people will start to catch on and see how good they really are.

Rewards offered: Cash paid via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, AAdvantage Miles, sweepstakes entries

Unfortunately, on April 2, 2014 the Opinion Place panel closed.

#3 – Opinion Outpost

opinion outpostWe remember Opinion Outpost back when they were run by Western Wats, sporting a snazzy western theme on their website! They’ve certainly grown a lot since Western Wats became Opiniology, which later merged with SSI back in 2011. Since then, Opinion Outpost has matured into one of the most prominent survey panels available online.

Why we like them: Consistency.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: They’ve been ranked as a SurveyPolice Top 10 (or very close to) survey panel by our users for many years now. Despite a few setbacks with seemingly well-intentioned members having their accounts frozen, the vast majority of their members still experience a smooth survey taking process and reach the $10 cashout minimum quickly. With a good variety of redemption options available such as PayPal payments, Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards, we think Opinion Outpost will be around for many more years to come.

Rewards offered: Cash paid via PayPal. Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, donations to charity

#4 – Pinecone Research

opinion outpostLike Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research has been around for many, many years. Run by the Nielsen Company (who are publicly traded on the NYSE as “Nielsen Holdings”), they’ve held onto their crème-de-la-crème reputation as a survey panel, almost since online surveys first became popular.

Why we like them: No funny business.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Pinecone Research delivers as they promise, without their members having to fear of getting stuck in a “gray zone”. If Pinecone promises $3 for a survey, and you successfully complete it, you’ll receive your $3. It’s very rare that a member will experience problems in this department. Their transparency is refreshing.

We’ve docked points due to their lack of innovation. Things have been more or less the same with Pinecone for a few years now – they’re still very good, but even something like an updated website, or a proper social media presence would be a welcome addition. As well, Pinecone Research rarely offers open registration to new members looking to join their website. Interested survey takers often have to hunt around for a Pinecone Research signup link, which can be cumbersome. Note: SurveyPolice periodically offers a signup link – check their listing to see if one is currently available.

Rewards offered: Cash paid via check, cash paid via PayPal, Merchandise

#5 – Tellwut

tellwutNot so much a traditional “survey panel” as a polling site, Tellwut offers their members the opportunity to participate in daily polls. Run by a Canadian company, Tellwut has grown exponentially, having only a few thousand members mid-2012, and now boasting over 200,000 members.

Why we like them: Few growing pains, and still going strong.

What it’s like taking surveys for them: Exponential growth of any business usually means a lot of big setbacks along the way. For Tellwut to expand their userbase so quickly and still be able to offer their members plenty of daily polls with good (and delivered on time!) reward options, they’ve done mighty well. Although they’ve experienced a few hiccups here and there, with occasional website outages, and fewer polls available for members, they are still a new favorite for a lot of survey takers. We’ll be watching their “voters” count at the bottom of their website closely, just to see how much further they can still grow!

Rewards offered: Amazon gift cards, merchandise, Starbucks gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, Wal-mart gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, movie vouchers

Honorable Mentions:

Darwin’s Data – although currently ranked #1 on SurveyPolice, Darwin’s Data is not an online survey panel in the traditional sense. Members are asked to specifically review legal disputes and can only join by requesting an invite (which may or may not be sent). Although incentives are very lucrative (currently at $25 per completed assignment), only Amazon gift cards are awarded. Prize draw entries are offered to lucky members who are able to complete surveys often. However, most members seem to be contacted very infrequently to participate in assignments and membership is limited to those located within the USA.

» Find out more about Darwin’s Data.

PaidViewPoint – their innovative website design alone earns them an honorable mention. With an extremely easy and intuitive online userface, PaidViewPoint has set themselves apart from most survey panels. Paypal payments are offered to members within 48 hours of request – something most survey panels can only aspire to. That said, they didn’t quite make the cut as a “top pick” this year because of the infrequent amount of full paying surveys offered. “Trait surveys” are available daily, but at only $0.03 a piece (in the USA), it can take a while to reach the $15 minimum payout. Membership is available almost globally.

» Find out more about PaidViewPoint.