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Accrue a balance of $8.00 (or 4 GBP) in your account, receive a PayPal payment within 48 hours of request and sometimes even instantly.

Crowdology General Information


Take Surveys, Earn Cash Paid Via PayPal
Crowdology offers cash for each survey completed. 5 minute surveys pay $0.50 and after a balance of 8 (or £4 in the UK) is accrued in your account, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account. Surveys pay anywhere from $0.40 - $10 each. Payment can take up to 48 hours, however some members have reported receiving their earnings immediately after requesting them.

Types of Surveys Offered
Online surveys on everyday topics, products and issues. It is stressed that the topics are not boring!

Survey Lengths
Surveys vary in length from 2 to 15 minutes and award cash upon successful completion - there are no complex points systems to worry about as cash is awarded each time a survey is finished.

Prize Draws
Prize draws are held sporadically and usually upon registering to the Crowdology panel.

Who is Crowdology?
Crowdology is run by VI.GA, who collect opinions on behalf of research firms.

Eligibility: Residents of UK and USA, 18+

"Not many surveys, clunky site"
May 05, 2017 by Adam from United States

Well... I've been getting slightly more surveys from them the past month, so yay, I guess? Except I haven't qualified for a single one of them. Looks like I received 3 surveys so far in October, none of which I qualified for. I did qualify for one survey at the beginning of September, which paid 50 cents. Not remotely impressed with how much this site is making me: I get more in an average week with OO than I've made in 3 months with crowdology.

Upside, at least it lets you cash out *any* amount that's at least 8$, so you can wait for a few more surveys and get those before cashing out. Much better than sites that only let you cash out *exactly* n dollars and anything above that, you have to wait until the next time you hit the threshold.

Also, their website is super clunky, which isn't the worst thing if the payout was better, but it definitely doesn't give the greatest impression (for instance - there is no indication that you're logged in once you are; you just have a frame with your account info, but it still says "log in" above it, and if you visit any page that doesn't require you to be logged in, it logs you out. What? Also, to cash out, you get there through the Profile page. What?, he said again.)

"Samplicious surveys"
December 05, 2016 by Jill from United States

I didn't really enjoy this panel. Most, if not all, of the surveys were through samplicious and I never have any luck with them. The cash out minimum is low and they do pay.

"Not impressed, started well but ..."
September 08, 2016 by Leo from United Kingdom

I'm done with this company, despite their nice Speaker answering questions here on the Survey Police blog, hence 1 entire star!

Surveys don't have a ref.no and when they are rewarded weeks later (as some say at the end) you are not sure which entry it is, and with Cint "Corrections", you really don't know where you stand after having waited that long.
And I'm tired to chasing up missing incentives! Or to keep a mile long log!
A survey reference and a better survey statement would save respondents time!

Do not believe what they say that "most rewards vary from £0.40 up to £10", in 2 years once had £2.08 but nothing bigger, a few times just over £1, the majority £0.16 £0.24 ... then £0.32 then £0.40 or just over.

I also had enough of their misleading survey timing (2 min survey that clearly last 8, or 5 min that clearly was meant to last 15...).

Paypal fees... Another way to pay less respondents, do Crowdology employees pay a fee when they get their wages? They/Cint just pass on the fees to us!
First I clarified this point with Paypal, it is the company choice; Second, other companies do not pass this fee to respondents when you get your paypal payment, so it is possible.
But Amazon reward takes 1 month!?! It is a e-code!! If other companies can deliver it almost instantaneously, why can't they?

Long screenings and third parties surveys (that all seem collecting info before disqualifying you) do not give Crowdology ground for a more positive review.

"Login issues"
August 18, 2016 by Jeff from United States

I've quit Crowdology once and have since come back. At first everything was great but now I'm having the same issues logging in that I had before (which led me to avoiding this site for months). What's the point of doing the surveys I receive through email if I can't log on and check my balance/cash out?

"Slow and Steady"
August 12, 2016 by Brittany from United States

The surveys come slow, but it's nice you see the dollar amounts. I haven't cashed out yet, I generally cash out at the end of the month (surveys are the only way I can survive during a 10 month unpaid internship where I work too much and my schedule is too variable to get a job. I only gave it lower stars because the surveys are slow.




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