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Darwin's Data General Information

Answer questions regarding legal disputes by watching videos and then providing your feedback. Earn $25+ possible bonuses (awarded in Tango gift codes) for each survey you complete.

Eligibility: USA citizens. 18+ only.

Darwin's Data has been targeted by an e-mail scam. DO NOT respond to such fake solicitations! More information here.
"Good for what they are"
December 12, 2016 by Glenn from United States

Took a while but got my $10gc for initial survey. More to follow. well the surveys are great but one a year, if you're lucky, is what you should expect.

Update 12/11/2016. Haven't heard from them in a couple years. So they 1) take little to no time, 2) reward you fairly and 3) their "surveys" are fun. However, a year plus with no activity is what I rate them a dud!

"Excellent survey with clear questions"
October 08, 2016 by Michael from United States

trustworthy site that has clear statements of fact and related questions.

"Darwin's Data is AMAZING"
September 08, 2016 by Sarah from United States

Darwin's Data allows me to voice my thoughts while making a little extra cash along the way! They have never failed to answer a question or get back to me when I have contacted them. Thank you Darwin's Data!!

"(((Get it together)))"
June 08, 2016 by Denise from United States

After I watched a video for almost 30 minutes.... Answering questions to the best of my ability until I got the message that I've been disqualified. What gives? They even had questions to see if I'm paying attention. Which I was.

Got an email earlier to disregard that pop up message about not getting paid. So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get my $25 GC for my time.

"Waste of my time--no reward given after an hour of my time"
June 07, 2016 by Brenda from United States

I just completed the below listed survey. I did the full survey and then received a message that my answers were not accurate and I would not be paid nor invited to future surveys. I worked for over 25 years in the Child Support Enforcement Field. I had to work under strict Federal privacy laws. I know about privacy and confidentiality. Why my answers did not match up to your expectations, I do not know. I do know that it is grossly unfair for you to say that my answers were not responsive or in line with your expectations. I gave you honest, considered opinions and am appalled that you would do this.

I do not feel that your services fully explore the depths of consumer or potential jury panelist feelings, thoughts and opinions.

I feel very badly that you so dishonestly conducted this survey and I will do my utmost to make your limited, biased surveys and services known wherever and whenever I can.



From: Darwin's Data <noreply@qemailserver.com>
To: Brenda
Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 12:49 PM
Subject: The Latest Darwin's Data Survey

Dear Brenda,

The latest Darwin’s Data survey is available and we want your opinion!

Here are the details:
Payment: $25 Tango Gift Card
Survey Length: 1 hour
This survey will only be available until we reach our targeted number of completed surveys, so act quickly! Please be assured that all of your answers and personal information will be kept strictly confidential and used for research purposes only.

If you try and complete this survey from a mobile device (smartphones and/or tablets) the survey will close automatically and your responses will not be recorded. In order to receive compensation, you must complete the survey from a non-mobile device (desktop or laptop computer).

Follow this link to the Survey:
Take the Survey

NOTE: Once you click on the survey link the survey will start. You will not be able to stop and start again at a later time. Please ensure you have an ample amount of time to complete the survey before you click on the survey link. You cannot complete the survey on any mobile devices.

Click here to update your profile. Keeping your information up to date helps ensure that you will receive the surveys you qualify for.

It is important to make sure the internet browser you are using is up to date. For more information on optimal browser configuration, please visit our web browser troubleshooting page.

Thank you,




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