Darwin’s Data Scam

Published on February 15, 2014, Updated on September 10, 2018

Please note that Darwin’s Data has been targeted by an e-mail scam.

If you have not registered with Darwin’s Data, please DO NOT respond to any e-mail purportedly from them, as you will be passing on your information to scammers.

Earn $250 Per Survey From Darwin’s Data

E-mails with subject lines such as: PROJECT -New Business Study Concept For Your Participation, are randomly being sent to thousands of e-mail addresses.

The e-mail promises that $250 per online survey will be awarded and that a new study is being conducted for Western Union.

Clicking on the “Click Here To Join Now” link will bring you to a page that looks like this:


DO NOT FILL OUT A FORM LIKE THIS, WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING THE URL! In this case, this website IS NOT run by Darwin’s Data. In fact, if you change the url on this website, you will find that they are participating in the Pinecone Research scam as well!

Special thanks to Mark for forwarding us these e-mails!

In this case, these scammers have even also stolen our “SurveyPolice approved” seal and are displaying it on their fake page for Pinecone Research signups!

Please DO NOT fill out the forms on these types of websites. Similarly, please DO NOT wire any money to ANY online survey company. Legitimate online survey companies will never ask you for money. They are the ones who reward YOU for taking surveys, and not the other way around!

What to Do if You’ve Filled Out a Registration Form

If you already filled out a fake registration form like the one above, you may receive a check in the mail with instructions on cashing it, and wiring some money to a Western Union Account. DO NOT DO THIS. The check will bounce and you will be charged NSF fees from your bank.

The best thing to do is to not respond to the fake check nor any other solicitations you may receive. Forward the check to your local police department and be sure to file a complaint here: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Tell your friends and family about this scam and send them to this page if they want to find out more.

Who is the Real Darwin’s Data?

Darwin’s Data is a legitimate online survey company who has nothing to do with the e-mail scam above.

To find out more about the real Darwin’s Data, Pinecone Research, or other online survey companies, please consult our list of legitimate survey panels.

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