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264 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT  06880
Tel: 1-888-AR-PANEL  Contact: http://portal.myview.com/portal/app?cmd=ContactUs
Operated by: CriticalMix

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Green checkboxiTunes gift cards
Green checkboxVISA prepaid cards
Green checkboxWalmart gift cards
Green checkboxMerchandise
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
Green checkboxRestaurant gift cards
Green checkboxDonations to charity
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Redemption Info

13,000 points (worth ~$10) required to redeem rewards.

Some rewards require 34,000 points ($25 worth) to request rewards.

MyView General Information


MyView is owned and operated by Critical Mix, which was established back in 1996. This panel provides a unique community where panelists can meet others that share the same passions all while taking surveys and earning rewards! Take advantage of this fun, thought-provoking panel.

Gift Cards Galore!
MyView is a gift card lovers haven, as they offer dozens of gift card options from many different retailers including Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Shell, TJ Maxx, and more. Gift cards typically come in $20, $50, and $100 increments. Some gift cards are mailed to members; others are sent by e-mail in the form of an e-voucher. Minimum redemption is $10.

Cash or Charity Donations
MyView also offers the option to redeem your points towards cash or donations to charity. A PrePaid Visa/Mastercard can be collected once your account reaches $100. Donations can be made to many local charities; the choice is yours!

Receive Points for Disqualifications
MyView offers a generous 100 points for when members attempt surveys but are unable to complete them due to disqualification.

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are often available to members if they log in to their accounts to check for surveys. Most online survey opportunities will be e-mailed, however those wishing to take additional surveys will find it beneficial to log directly into their accounts to check for available surveys.

Sweepstakes Opportunities
Each month MyView gives away $2000 worth of prizes in the form of one $1000 winner and five winners of $200. All panel members have a chance to win!

Teen Friendly Surveys
This panel offers many teen oriented surveys, as you need to be 13+ to join. This is a great way for teens to make a little bit of extra money and to feel like they are making a difference.

Take Polls, or Even Create your Own
MyView offers the opportunity to explore the panelist community through taking polls. You may even create your own poll question if there is something you want to know.

Eligibility: Select countries accepted, 13+

"Love this Survey Site"
December 05, 2016 by Starshina from United States

Love myview I cashed out over 6 times already and if I didn't qualify for a survey I still get a 100 points some of these survey sites don't do that or they wait and post your points nah forget that this one is far the best Great

"best days behind"
November 21, 2016 by val from United States

Was really great at first, lately no surveys available at all.

"used be good, now frustrated"
November 17, 2016 by Mike from United States

I have been a member since 2011. Used earn at least on $25 card a month, sometimes two. Now it takes forever to earn a $25 card. Get screened out of survey after survey, many times after U am well into survey. just took a full survey and then says over quota after I answered ALL the questions. This has been happening on a reg basis and this is after getting screened out a half dozen surveys to get this far, other times surveys get an error link after you are well into and don't even get the 100 points for partial survey and now you have to sometimes take a test and answer qualifying questions more than once to get to main part of survey and then they ask you later on and I answer the same way as I did on beginning and then get screened out. So much times wasted to make little or no progress. Furthermore, they have seemed to have lowered the point value for surveys and takes even longer to reach a payout. They have fixed the time of getting card when you do finally earn one, and sometimes do credit you when you complain about a survey you completed and didn’t get for, but sometimes that takes a week or more and you have to send more than one email to get it resolved, which is more of your time not compensated for. Furthermore, what about all the times you were screened out well into survey or screened out improperly when they test you with a question that you answered properly and still get DQ’ed. This site is becoming less like the site I have liked for the past four years and more like a site like Opinion Outpost where you are constantly screened out and not properly paid for all the time you put into 50-90% completed surveys and have to answer countless qualifiers to even get to study. I want my own MyView back or I am going to have to move on to somewhere else.

"Any survey would be nice"
November 02, 2016 by Doug from United Kingdom

Been a member for 3 months, not had a single survey invite
Are they real?
Having complained to their help team, was told my profile was corrupt, supplied required info and started to get invites, but that is all. EVERY survey starts with "You do not fit the requirements" or similar, but here's 100 points only.
So I'll need to receive 350 unstartable surveys to receive any reward. Farcical is a polite comment. Have unsubscribed, told them why but no response, guess they don't care, or can get more mugs to enroll.

"Pretty good so far, quick payout"
October 29, 2016 by Steve from United Kingdom

My experience over the last 18 months has been pretty good, with reasonable credit given for completed surveys plus a small credit when disqualified. The payout threshold is quite high so it can take quite a while to get a payout but, once requested, it arrives within a few days. The surveys tend to be more interesting than those I do on other websites, so that's a bonus too. The website works well and is easy to use - surveys rarely fail due to errors. Overall, I think this is a good survey company and well worth a try.




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