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Green checkboxRestaurant gift cards
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13,000 points (worth ~$10) required to redeem rewards.

Some rewards require 34,000 points ($25 worth) to request rewards.

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Rewards Information
MyView is a gift card lovers haven, as they offer dozens of gift card options from many different retailers including Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Shell, TJ Maxx, and more. VISA pre-paid cards are also available.

Some gift cards are mailed to members, others are sent by e-mail in the form of an e-voucher.

Receive Points for Disqualifications
MyView offers a generous 100 points for when members attempt surveys but are unable to complete them due to disqualification.

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are often available to members if they log in to their accounts to check for surveys. Most online survey opportunities will be e-mailed, however those wishing to take additional surveys will find it beneficial to log directly into their accounts to check for available surveys.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 by khadija

I like this site. I got 3 $25 gift cards in a couple months with hard work. On some sites there is no way to get even 1 $25 gift card in a couple months.

I like that you get 100 points even if you don't do the survey.

"I gave them ample opportunity to rectify this."
Friday, April 10, 2015 by Jason

"Looking for a faster option?" Then don't bother with MyView. One year ago, they promised physical Visa gift cards in 7-10 days. This was supposedly a better option than less than 24 hours with an e-card. Their strained logic behind that aside, at some point this became 4-6 weeks. They apparently can no longer deliver in that time frame. I have been in contact with them via email over the last week or so regarding not receiving the promised Visa card- among other things I have been offered a return of my accumulated points to my account (this one was particularly laughable- why would I want my points back? So you could not send me the next thing I order?), a Visa card to arrive in 15 business days (wait, what?- wasn't your original offer "faster" in 7-10 days?), a PayPal payment (I accepted this offer- yet have not received the payment), and finally, the "Looking for a Faster Option" option of a card within 7-10 days. So- wait six weeks, and we might send you a card that will get there in 7-10 days. If this makes you both want to laugh and cry at the same time, you aren't the only one. Buyer beware.

"It's In The Mail!"
Thursday, April 02, 2015 by Michael

The fact that they have changed to a PHYSICAL gift card has made this site not one of the better ones online. That and the fact that the gift cards can get "lost in the mail" - which is the excuse I received when my card didn't arrive, even after multiple contacts with their customer service rep and a 3 month wait.

"One of my go-to sites"
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by Ella

I like this site. I got 3 $25 gift cards in a couple months with hard work. On some sites there is no way to get even 1 $25 gift card in a couple months.

I like that you get 100 points even if you don't do the survey.

"Please tell us about yourself"
Sunday, March 01, 2015 by Debbie

The past 5 or more surveys offered when I get to the "tell us about yourself" screen it asks to list the highest level of education your have completed. It then asks what year of college are you in now. I am not in college so to answer the question truthfully I cannot get into the survey. So have missed out on at least trying for quite a few surveys.

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