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Rewards Information
MyView is a gift card lovers haven, as they offer dozens of gift card options from many different retailers including Amazon, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Shell, TJ Maxx, and more. VISA pre-paid cards are also available.

Some gift cards are mailed to members, others are sent by e-mail in the form of an e-voucher.

Receive Points for Disqualifications
MyView offers a generous 100 points for when members attempt surveys but are unable to complete them due to disqualification.

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are often available to members if they log in to their accounts to check for surveys. Most online survey opportunities will be e-mailed, however those wishing to take additional surveys will find it beneficial to log directly into their accounts to check for available surveys.

"A fave"
Saturday, May 09, 2015 by Bill

I'd have to say this is my favorite of the sites that offer you surveys for which you are not pre-qualified.

I find it vexing that so many of these sites offer you nothing if you screen out of a survey. After all, the screening is a vital part of the process, and from the survey taker's point of view it is still work, just as actually taking a survey is. But most sites offer nothing if you do that work yet fail to qualify, nor do the companies using these survey sites offer anything. This means these sites and companies have zero incentive to improve the screening process in order to achieve a higher success rate, as they pay no price for the consequences of any inadequacies in that process. The only ones paying a price for those inadequacies are the survey takers, because when there is no compensation every screen out is time and effort wasted. This seems both unfair and inefficient.

MyView does pay actual points for each failed attempt to qualify, roughly seven cents worth. It may be just a token but it can make a big difference psychologically by creating the sense that you are least going to move forward any time you are attempt a survey there. You might go forward a mile or only go a foot, but at least you go somewhere.

Contrast that to sites where you might do considerable work only to screen out of five or six surveys in a row and have nothing to show for it, or worse, those screening interviews where you have to answer an awful lot of questions - suspiciously too many, it seems - before they suddenly screen you out and get away with all that data for free. Boy, does that feel like you've just been robbed! Probably because you have been.

The latter two scenarios are the major reasons I will quit sites where I discover this kind of thing is common. And getting even the token payment for a screen out is a major reason I like to work with MyView and will continue to do so. It just feels more fair and, as I said, as if you are always moving forward, even if you are crawling at times. But even crawling forward is far better than feeling taken advantage of. If I ran a survey site my number one customer relations goal would be to eliminate any semblance of taking advantage of people, because so many sites either are taking advantage of people or come off as though they do.

By the way, Global Test Market, if you are reading this please be advised that rewarding screen outs with sweepstakes entries is not the same as paying people who screen out. For one thing the vast majority of those entries are, by definition, utterly worthless.

So I applaud MyView for this feature of their operation. I have also found them responsive to the few glitches I have run into, had no problems getting paid, and I find work to do there every weekday, whereas other sites may be unproductive for weeks on end. And it is indeed better to log in and check for work than to wait for them to email you.

One complaint is they mail you physical gift cards instead of doing all that electronically. Not that I have had any problem, but why tempt fate when doing it electronically would be a big improvement in a whole list of ways? So I'd really like to see them get into the 21st century with that.

But overall my experience with MyView has been much more positive than with most survey sites.

"They don't pay, just give excuses"
Thursday, April 30, 2015 by Darlene

Only use this site if you want to do surveys for free. I cashed out and waited over six weeks to get my gift card which never came. I called and they admitted they never sent it, but will send one immediately from their parent, Critical Mix. That one never came either, and they admitted it was never sent, but, for my trouble, they will send me TWO cards by two-day FEDEX. Well, that never happened either. They are liars and cheats. I am almost ready to cash out again, but I don't have a lot of hope of getting paid for the new or the old cash out.

"Reward from My View"
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by Mitchell

I played with this site for awhile now when i cashed out i choose the 100 dollar American express prepaid gift card there site said estimated delivery date 5/14/2015 i got it on 4/27/2015. I got the card 18 days early wow A+ in my book and when i don't get credited for points there right on top of it. Another A+ in my book and you get a hundred points if you don't qualify for a survey. This has to be the best site i have ever worked for. A+ My View.

"I am so happy!!"
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 by Edith

I think that Myview is the best site I have ever worked with. They always give you points whether you qualify or not.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 by khadija

I like this site. I got 3 $25 gift cards in a couple months with hard work. On some sites there is no way to get even 1 $25 gift card in a couple months.

I like that you get 100 points even if you don't do the survey.

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