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Freecash is a get-paid-to website where you can earn coins for completing tasks, filling out surveys and referring friends. Freecash coins are redeemable for PayPal cash payments, gift cards and cryptocurrency.

Formally known as FreeSkins, Freecash has been around since 2019 and has built a community of over five million participants worldwide.

How Freecash Works

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Join FreeCash to Make Money Online

Start by registering with Freecash via your Google or Steam account. Alternatively, you can register using your email address in only a few seconds.

Once registered, you can earn 'coins' for completing various tasks. 1000 coins is equal to $1.00 USD and once you have earned at least $0.10 worth of coins, you can redeem them for an item of your choice in the rewards shop.

Ways to Earn:

  • Complete Surveys offers online surveys via survey routers such as CPX Research, YourSurveys, etc. in addition to their own FreeCash survey offers. FreeCash's exclusive surveys are categorized as $0.50 short surveys and $1.00 normal surveys and rely on a short profiler (questionnaire) before allowing access.

    Some survey providers will require your FreeCash account to be at a minimum level before accessible. To 'level-up', simply fill out the surveys that you are currently able to access, complete offers, refer friends, etc.

  • Featured Offers

    Featured offers are the most frequently completed tasks from your country of residence. These can range from casino offers, special crypto offers, survey bonuses, gaming offers and more.

    Pro Tip! Check the Featured Offers section daily to see how people from your country are earning coins the easiest.

  • Offers

    Offer walls contain hundreds of tasks to complete. Suppliers include RevU+, AdGem, Aye Studios, OfferToro, AdGatemedia, Lootably, BitLabs and more. Each offer wall will display how popular its offers are in your country, which is a good indicator of how well it will perform for you.

    Offers are categorized under game, app, deposit, purchase, free trial, quiz, and casino, so it's easy to locate the types of tasks you're interested in.

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Freecash Rewards

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Choose From Great Rewards

With you can choose between a PayPal payment, a crypto payment, an e-gift card or a video game skin. Redemptions start at just $0.10.

Get PayPal Cash

PayPal withdrawals start at $5 and are available all the way up to $200. Exact denominations amounts are: $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $75, $100 and $200. Note that Paypal payments carry a 5% withdrawal fee.

Get Paid in Crypto

  • Bitcoin - enter in your wallet address to get payments starting at $5 worth of bitcoin
  • Faucetpay Bitcoin - redeemable at just $0.25
  • Ethereum - payments made directly to your wallet with as little as $2.50 in your account
  • Litecoin - get paid with just $0.50 worth of earnings
  • Dodgecoin - get your first payment with just $1.50 worth of coins in your account
  • Stake - receive crypto directly to Stake (the largest crypto casino in the world). Cash out bonuses of 15% are regularly offered.
Get more info on how to earn bitcoin taking surveys.

Choose a Gift Card

Gift cards are available in various forms and start at $5, all the way up to $100. All gift cards are issued in digital form but can be used online or in-store where applicable. Retailers include:

  • Amazon - converted from USD into your local currency
  • Visa - prepaid cards available in amounts starting at $5
  • Media related: Google Play, Apple, Netflix, and Spotify e-gift codes
  • Gaming related: Steam, Playstation, Xbox live, Nintendo, Minecraft, and Blizzard gift cards available

After submitting your request, you can find your gift card codes in the Withdrawals section of your profile, under the “Transaction ID” column.

Choose a Skin

  • CSGO game - hundreds of weapons and armor options available
  • Gift cards from: Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends, Valorant (redeemable for Riot Points)

Quick Rewards Processing Times

Most withdrawals on Freecash are lightning-fast and take just 5-10 minutes to process! If you are claiming a PayPal payment, expect to receive it within 24 hours.

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How to Earn More Coins on FreeCash

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Win Up To $250 Just for Joining

After registering with Freecash, make sure you verify your email address so you can open a 'Free Case', which gives you a shot at winning up to $250. Cases contain 4 amounts: $250, $2.50, $0.25, and $0.05, so at a minimum, you will receive at least $0.05 worth of credit just for becoming a free member of the website.

Referral Program

FreeCash offers a tiered referral program where you'll start by earning a 5% commission on your referral's offer and survey earnings. Each user you refer will get a free case (see above) and will have a chance to win up to $250 when they join.

There are a total of 10 tiers with Freecash's affiliate program:

  • Tier 1: 5% commission
  • Tier 2: 6% commission, $10.00 in total affiliate earnings
  • Tier 3: 7% commission, $25.00 in total affiliate earnings
  • Tier 4: 8% commission, $50.00 in total affiliate earnings
  • Tier 5: 9% commission, $100.00 in total affiliate earnings
  • Tier 6: 10% commission, $500.00 in total affiliate earnings
  • Tier 7: 15% commission, $2,500.00 in total affiliate earnings + $300 in affiliate earnings in the last 30 days
  • Tier 8: 20% commission, $10,000.00 in total affiliate earnings + $1,200 in affiliate earnings in the last 30 days
  • Tier 9: 25% commission, $50,000.00 in total affiliate earnings + $6,000 in affiliate earnings in the last 30 days
  • Tier 10: 30% commission, $100,000.00 in total affiliate earnings + $12,000 in affiliate earnings in the last 30 days

Simply click the 'Affiliates' tab to get your unique referral code.

Generous Daily and Monthly Sweepstakes

Every day, Freecash gives away a total of $500 in prizes to the 250 top earning members on the platform. The daily prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place: 50,000 coins ($50 USD)
  • 2nd place: 35,000 coins ($30 USD)
  • 3rd place: 17,500 coins ($17 USD)
  • 4th - 250th place: 12,500 coins ($12.50 USD) to a minimum of 5 free coins

Similarly, offers a monthly sweepstakes where you can win a share of $2500 as a top earner for the month. The monthly prizes for top earning members are as follows:

  • 1st place: 250,000 coins ($250 USD)
  • 2nd place: 175,000 coins ($175 USD)
  • 3rd place: 87,500 ($87.50 USD)
  • 4th - 250th place: 62,500 ($62.50 USD) coins to a minimum of 25 free coins
freecash leaderboard

See Where You Rank

At any time, you can click on the 'Leaderboard' link to see where you rank. There are no additional steps to take to qualify for the Leaderboard and to enter these sweepstakes. Simply earn as many coins as you can using the platform and you will automatically be entered into the coin drawings.

Generous Sweepstakes and Contests

FreeCash may hold the record for the number of sweepstakes and contests it offers. Every month, they offer a themed contest featuring prizes worth thousands of dollars (ex. $2500 Christmas giveaway). Almost every day on social media, they will also do giveaways for prizes like $50, or weekly prizes of $400 just for answering simple questions.

Other Ways of Earning

Click the 'Rewards' tab to find other ways of earning coins on Freecash. Some options include:

  • Following Freecash on Twitter (earn 50 free coins)
  • Downloading the Freecash app (earn 150 free coins)
  • Claiming streak rewards - earn 1,000 or more coins within 24 hours to keep your streak
  • Claiming coins via the daily bonus ladder game
  • Freecash Bonus Codes - input these free codes (posted on Freecash's social media as a 'CodeDrop') to earn free coins

Is Freecash Legit or Scam?

freecash legit or scam

Is Freecash Legit?

Freecash is a legitimate website that has paid out millions of dollars to their users since 2019. They are not a scam and have over five million users. Although participants may have varying levels of success trying to make money with the site, Freecash is legit and has paid out over $27,000,000 to its users.

freecash earnings

Proof on the Homepage

At any time, by visiting Freecash's homepage, you can view how much the average user earned on the site the day before and how long it takes the average user to reach their first cash out. Although variable, average user earnings tend to hover between $10-$15/day and rewards redemptions for first time users typically take between 15-20 minutes spent on the website. You can also see live cash outs users are making via the ticker at the top of the page.

Eligibility: Open to residents worldwide

Freecash Reviews (383)

5 Star Reviews (311) 81.2
4 Star Reviews (36) 9.4
3 Star Reviews (10) 2.6
2 Star Reviews (3) 0.8
1 Star Reviews (23) 6.0

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June 3, 2023 by Kreso from Croatia

I made over $70 and paid off every time right, the best and legitimate site to earn extra money


June 3, 2023 by Jonathan from United States

Awesome app, loving it so far. Just needs to stop making every game mandatory new user. Please change that.

Best Site To Earn Money

June 2, 2023 by Raj from India

I have been using freecash for 2 months and i have made around 60 dollars and considering i live in a third world country free cash has worked wonders for me . They have the lowest amount of commission i have seen and there are a lot withdrawal options like Paypal, Amazon Giftcards, Crypto and a bunch more. You can earn money by completing tasks like playing games but i suggest you do surveys. Cpx Research, Bit Labs and Tap Research are one of the best ones and also you should go on timewall from freecash because you will be able to access timewall's tasks like you will get money for subscribing to peoples youtube,twitter,instagram,facebook or watching specific videos on youtube like for 3 minutes 100 points (1000 points is 80 coins which is 0.08 dollars) there are also surveys on timewall you can access. You can also earn money by watching videos (ie watching ads in those videos) i suggest lootably (its accessible in freecash menu), there is a video section where you can just watch videos and earn money, it wont be like 100 per video obviously but depending on your region you can get up to 4 freecash coins (freecash dosent take a cut or the cut is so small its not noticeable) . Well thats it from my side .
Good Luck

The Best

June 2, 2023 by Bobi from Germany

Freecash is the best app in the World.
I love IT so much 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑❤️❤️

Lots of fun

May 30, 2023 by Lawrence from United States

This site from the first time that I tried it has always been a lot of fun and quick with the payouts too! I have been back many times and will continue to do so.