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OhMyDosh! is a cashback and rewards website based in the UK. Its key selling point is the ease in which you can quickly make a profit.

How OhMyDosh! works

Create an OhMyDosh! account within minutes. You’ll just need to enter your email address and a few personal details and you can start earning on the site straight way. There’s no need to fill out financial details until you’re ready to cash out. Remember to claim your sign up bonus. The amount can fluctuate; some users report being gifted 50p just for signing up although this could be more if you use a special signup link. OhMyDosh! may also break you in with a short introduction questionnaire worth 50p.

OhMyDosh! provides multiple ways of earning on the site:

  • No Spend offers

    All the cashback offers which require you to spend no money are all grouped together in one page, which you’ll see in the main navigation. This is as good a place to start as anywhere else! The offers on this page may ask you to take out a free trial, download an app or register with a website. This is a good place to access higher paying offers which can help kickstart your earnings quickly.
  • Lightning Payouts

    This section has offers which pay out within three working days. This is lightning-fast compared to most offers on other cashback websites, in which users can often expect to wait weeks or months until their rewards are paid.
  • Hot Offers

    OhMyDosh! has a section dedicated to the most popular offers on any given day. Snap up these deals before they disappear. These can be anything from casino offers, free trials, financial offers, etc.
  • A huge variety of cashback deals

    If you're looking to switch your utility company, entertainment provider, insurance company, etc. make sure to check here first. You can expect to earn sizeable returns for signing up with new companies, so (especially) if you're in the market for a new service, this can be a great way to earn some serious 'Dosh'.
  • Fill out surveys

    There aren’t as many paid surveys available on OhMyDosh! as there are on dedicated paid survey websites, but you’ll still be given the opportunity to earn cash by filling them out here too.
  • Referral links

    OhMyDosh! will pay you £5 for every friend you refer to its website that earns £10 worth of cashback, so it’s well worth spreading the word. You can find your dedicated sign up link posted in your account.
  • Weekly prize draws

    Enter these prize draws and you could win as much as £50.
  • Mobile usage

    Although there’s no dedicated OhMyDosh! mobile app, the website works fine on smartphone or tablet.
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Payment and Rewards

PayPal Cash or Bank Transfers

You can ‘cash out’ on OhMyDosh! once you’ve earned £10. Some users have claimed that they've been able to do this in under an hour.

The rewards you earn won’t be credited into your account straight away though. This is because you need to wait for the retailer to pay OhMyDosh! first. Still, you can expect your funds to be credited as quickly as three days after completing your purchase. That’s immensely fast for a cashback website.

You can either withdraw your earnings straight into your PayPal account or your bank account. Your outstanding balance will be paid into your bank account within 5 working days and even faster than this if you choose to be paid via PayPal.

OhMyDosh! Legit or Scam?

OhMyDosh! may not have as many retail partners as the world’s largest cashback website, but it makes up for this by offering fast cash as profit. Over 500,000 people in the UK are members of the site and you can legitimately make enough money to cash out within a few working days. As such, OhMyDosh! is not a scam and is a legitimate cashback and GPT website.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck (or a quick pound, in this case) without having to purchase anything first, OhMyDosh! can help.

Eligibility: UK residents only.

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Ohmydosh- Ohmygod

July 17, 2023 by Mark from United Kingdom

I had an account with ohmydosh accumulated a bit of money and decided to cash out a few days later they sent a email saying that the payment had been put on hold saying that there were several people using my ip address and that I had to prove and provide I'd before payment another website after personal information. BEWARE and AVOID

They only pay out once

February 8, 2023 by Daniel from United Kingdom

They stop paying after £10. Yet they will continue to collect commision on all the offers you complete and they ignore. Its been 3 days and yet nothing. After a huge hassle of asking for all my ID documents, they then dont even pay out. Avoid companies like this like the plague, I will be making a trading standards complaint. Y'all still are reliable for stuff like this ;) I will also be sure to spread the message about how awful of a company this is. Will be reporting them to those who pay them commission too. Avoid this website!!

Difficult platform

February 5, 2021 by Sudip from United Kingdom

I used this site for six months and it made me want to pull my hair out. Once you complete an offer it can take months for the amount to be paid into your balance. Some offers did not track at all and customer service were unhelpful. When I eventually earned over £10 and tried to cash out, they emailed me asking for proof of address. That was when I closed my account. They are just not worth bothering with.