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Operated by: Bilendi Limited
Sati, The Tanneries
55 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XN UK
Contact: [email protected]

Maximiles is a loyalty programme / get-paid-to program that allows its members to earn points by shopping, taking surveys, and conducting other activities online via their website or mobile app. Points can be exchanged for a wide variety of merchandise, as well as e-gift cards.

How Maximiles Works

After joining Maximiles, you’ll have a variety of ways of accumulating points:

  • Take surveys – Earn up to 500 points for each survey you compete, and up to 10,000 points for participating in focus groups. Receive 5 points if you attempt to complete a survey but are disqualified from doing so. Receive 15 points for each profile survey you fill out – these are available in your account.
  • Watch videos – Watch videos online and receive points
  • Shop and earn points – Shop online with over 600 partner retailers and you can collect points for each £ you spend.
  • Read emails – For every special email you read, you will receive 5 points
  • Registering with websites – Register for websites via Maximiles and receive point bonuses that are typically worth 100-300 points. You may also have opportunities to participate in free trials and information requests which also award points.
  • Refer friends – Get your friends and family to join Maximiles and you’ll receive 1500 points credited to your account each time you do so.

Maximiles also has a mobile app available for download which will connect to your Maximies account. Watch videos, read e-mails and respond to paid surveys conveniently and on the go by using the app.

Payment and Rewards

Redeem your points for your choice of over 300 gifts from the Maximiles reward catalogue. Merchandise such as music, film, books, beauty products, and homeware are available for redemption, along with vouchers from merchants such as Argos, John Lewis, Disney, Ted Baker, and more.

A minimum of about 2,000 points is required for rewards redemption.

Good for Europeans

As many GPT programs are limited to North Americans, Maximiles is a good choice for people living in Europe. With over 2 million members and a presence that has lasted over a decade, Maximiles is a big player in the European loyalty programme scene.

Eligibility: UK, Spain, France, Italy residents aged 14 or older.

» New members of Maximiles can receive up to 125 free points just by joining.

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Not worth using this survey site.

June 24, 2023 by Sumeya from United Kingdom

Not worth using this survey site.

Just like other survey sites, maxmiles expects you to expose your data and use up your time just to earn for a few points at a time.

They do not pay in cash but there's a catalogue of items which cost a certain number of points which you need to earn to be able to receive.

I got a lipstick which I threw out. Do even wear make up anymore but the mac lipstick is bad (pasty) and makes you look like a clown.

Deleted it as I do not want to be spied on and taken advantage of.

One of the best for not wasting your time

April 7, 2022 by Martin from United Kingdom

Screener after all personal info provided. Almost every time you are ineligible this is done quickly and 5 points award for your time.

Surveys typically interesting and well designed.

Rewards - well for example you can earn Argos/Sainsbury/John Lewis voucher - vouchers in Home. Pity you cannot redeem cash but that apart - one of the best.

Good Site

January 29, 2022 by Elaine from United Kingdom

I have been with this site for some time, Once I have built up a good amount of points then I pick something from the catalogue, I have always received the items within a few days. Not a get rich quick kind of site but you can get some nice things.


July 5, 2021 by Chris from United Kingdom

Many reasonable surveys and pleasant company.
Rewards are vouchers or gift not pay pal or money transfer

Easy To Build Up Points

November 9, 2020 by Gary from United Kingdom

I like maximiles - It is easy to build up point whether its just from clicking the adverts they send you once a day or cashback points on the credit card they issue which I use or the free methods etc on their website - The prizes you can swap for points are pretty basic but the odd sdcard or tfcard does me well so I cannot grumble and I do like their website so all in all one of the better sites with some interesting surveys and a decent amount of points given per survey!