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Operated by Qmee Ltd
8th Floor South, Reading Bridge House, George Street, Reading, RG1 8LS, England
Contact: [email protected]

Qmee is an app and browser extension which allows you to earn cash by shopping, completing offers, taking surveys, and referring friends.

It offers a no minimum cash out for its users and utilizes deep machine learning to facilitate a better user experience. The registration process if free and fast.

How Qmee Works

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Qmee App

The Qmee app is a free app available on both iPhone and Android. You can download it and automatically access your Qmee account, straight from your phone. Find deals with the automatic price comparison tool when shopping online, get notified of new surveys and request payments, directly from the app.

The Qmee browser extension is similar to the Qmee app in that you can see your cash rewards balance directly from the extension, and it includes an automatic price comparison tool which will compare price savings of different products, so that you don't have to. The tool can help save you money with coupons and deals, all without having to go to different sites to compare.

  • Complete Surveys

    Complete the initial sign up survey to then be matched with a variety of paid survey opportunities. Each survey assignment will display the estimated time completed to finish the survey, the reward offered, as well as the topic of the survey. Some surveys have different statuses. These include:
    • Hot Surveys - these are picked by Qmee and are considered the 'hottest surveys'. They tend to disappear quickly, so if you're interested in completed surveys for Qmee, ensure to complete these when you see them.
    • Recontact Surveys - these are follow-up surveys to surveys that you have already previously completed.
    • Webcam Surveys - these are surveys that request use of your webcam. Like all surveys listed on Qmee, they are optional to complete.
  • Offers

    Offers are Qmee are more similar to shopping cashback. Essentially, you can earn cash rewards for signing up for new products and services. You can use the offers search tool to look for your favorite brands, to see if they have any special deals available. You can also get money saving coupons and deals on the items you're shopping for to help you save.
  • Conduct Qmee Searches

    Use the Qmee to conduct internet searches for cash rewards. Essentially, when you're conducting a regular online search using Google, Bing, etc. Qmee will suggest search results you may wish to explore. Clicking these results will result in a credit to your cash balance.
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Qmee Rewards

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With Qmee, you'll accumulate a cash balance as you participate in tasks, take surveys, refer friends, etc. Once you have a balance in your account, you can request a reward. Choose between a PayPal payment, a gift card, or make a donation to charity.

Get PayPal Cash

PayPal cash payments are typically issued almost instantly after your request. Delays are uncommon, and the money should appear within a few minutes of request. There is no 'minimum' to cash out; as long as you have a positive cash balance, you can request a payment.

Choose a Gift Card

Gift cards are issued almost instantly, as they are in e-gift card format. Bear in mind that you'll first need to verify your identity by first making a PayPal payment. This payment can be low - even a few cents will do. The point is to verify that you are indeed the owner of your account so that a gift card can be properly awarded to you. Gift card denominations start at $5 and include major retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Whole Foods, etc.

If you're feeling generous, consider donating part of your earnings to charity. Qmee works with a variety of different charities who you can choose to make a donation to.

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Referral Program

Qmee offers a referral program where you can earn up to $1 for every successful referral you make who reaches their first PayPal cashout. Referral links are available in your Qmee account under 'Referrals', but this link might not show up right away, as new accounts can't refer friends immediately after joining.

Eligibility: Open to residents of Australia, Canada, UK, USA.

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5 Star Reviews (17) 60.7
4 Star Reviews (3) 10.7
3 Star Reviews (1) 3.6
2 Star Reviews (2) 7.1
1 Star Reviews (5) 17.9

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One of the best around

November 10, 2021 by Thomas from United States

I have been a member for over a year. Everyday I can complete multiple surveys. The earnings have increased and the payout is available as soon as you have a positive balance. The payout to Paypal is immediate. They even have a 10% loyalty bonus as long as you take a survey or answer a quiz every day.

Horrible customer support

October 4, 2021 by Amanda from United States

So I have emailed support 3x in 2 weeks about my issue not able to verify my PayPal account and setting up another way to receive my funds for doing surveys $20+ worth now and NO RESPONSE!!!! I have offered to take gift cards nothing offer to submit my expired ID birth certificate social card mail food stamp card ia verification. And nope no response all I want is my money I earned legit on their app. And cannot get any help dont use their app if you have any issue with anything u will get no help, like I also had about $5 in surveys not pay out.


September 11, 2021 by Hector from United States

I did surveys for this company for many months and received rewards going back to last year. Suddenly, the surveys stopped and I sent emails to their customer service department. I got some very vague responses and told me that it was under review. I have followed up with them with several emails and they have not responded. Its like they have gone for good.

Very good surveys

September 9, 2021 by Mark from United Kingdom

This provider is the best one available. There are lots of surveys and if you're not suitable then they tell you at the beginning in most cases. If any unscrupulous survey providers disqualify you after clearing the qualifying questions then Qmee pays you for the time you have taken. Qmee are also very proactive in blocking surveys that consistently try and sign you up to phishing scams.

Hard to pass now

August 30, 2021 by Darrell from United States

I have been with Qmee for several years. I made good money passed more of my surveys than not pass. During this month of August, they updated their site with a new look. Now i can barely pass a survey. I get declined more now than ever. If you try and do 10 surveys, you might just pass 2 possibly 3. Before the changed you might pass 5 out of 10 and possibly six. Not like it used to be. When you just click on a survey, it will automatically decline or you might answer one or two questions and get declined. I am thinking of ending my membership with them and find others to replace them.