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Kashkick is a get-paid-to website where you can earn money by engaging in a wide range of online activities including taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, referring friends, and more.

Get paid to your PayPal account once your account balance reaches just $10.

How Kashkick Works

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Get $1.00 for Joining

You can register for Kashkick using your Facebook, Google or PayPal account, or you can create an account with a separate password using your email address. Either way, you'll receive $1 as a welcome bonus.

The more information you add into your Kashkick profile, the better the website will do at recommending surveys that you’re qualified to answer.

Participate in Activities to Earn

Once your account is set up, you can engage in a range of activities and get paid for each of them. These activities include:

  • Downloading and using mobile apps
  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Taking advantage of cashback deals
  • Referring friends to sign up for Kashkick

You can also earn some passive income by giving Kashkick permission to collect data from your web browsing.

How Much Can You Earn?

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Earning from Gaming

Kashkick has some eye-catching offers for users who want to make money by downloading and playing mobile games. Some of the advertised offers suggest you can earn up to $100 with some games. In most cases, you’ll need to play the game for a good while to maximize your revenue from this earning stream.

Earning from Surveys

Kashkick typically pays between $0.75 and $2 per survey completed, with longer surveys paying more.

The website’s cashback offers can fill your digital wallet quickly, but these are only paid out when you make a purchase with one of its associated partners.

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Payment and Rewards

Get Paid by PayPal

Kashkick only pays out to users’ PayPal accounts. If you don’t use PayPal, you can’t earn money on this website. You’ll need to earn at least $10 before you can make a withdrawal.

Payments are made twice a month manually. That means you might have to wait for a few days between requesting a withdrawal and receiving the money.

Referral Program

Kashkick’s referral scheme is one of the more notable features of this website. If a friend joins the website using your unique referral link, you’ll be given 25% of their earnings as a thank you bonus. This is more generous than most of its rival GPT websites. What’s more, there appears to be no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

Kashkick App

Unlike many other GPT websites, Kashkick doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you can log onto its website using a smartphone or tablet, and it’s relatively mobile-friendly.

Is Kashkick Legit or Scam?

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Is Kashkick a Scam?

Kashkick is a legit GPT website. Although it can take a while to receive your PayPal payments, the website is reliable in paying its members twice a month. It’s worth mentioning that if you go 60 days without logging into your account, it will be deleted and you’ll lose access to all your credits.

Since withdrawals are free to make and there are no rewards available for extra credits, it’s always good practice to withdraw your money as soon as you reach the $10 threshold.

Eligibility: US residents only, 18+.

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