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Receive $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete. Payments made within 24 hours of study completion.

Mindswarms General Information

Mindswarms is a market research company that collects consumer data from the use of video surveys. If you are not camera-shy, then take advantage of the generous rewards offered by this panel.

Step 1: Sign Up
There are two ways to sign up with Mindswarms. You can create an account through your desktop/laptop, but make sure you have a webcam available to use. The other option is to download the Mindswarms app on your Android or Apple phone/tablet.

Step 2: Create a Profile
The next step is to create your profile. Mindswarms requires you to have a profile video to ensure that your camera works. There also are a few questions to answer in the member profile section to narrow down which types of surveys you will qualify for.

Step 3: Apply for Surveys
Within your account you will see opportunities that you can apply for based on your demographic. The application process is quick and takes less than a minute to complete. Just answer a few multiple choice questions that will be reviewed by a researcher within 24 hours. If you are chosen, then you can begin recording your video answers!

Step 4: Record a Video
Once you are chosen, you will be asked to answer 1 – 7 questions through video. Depending on how many questions are required, this process takes 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Remember your answers could have an impact on future business decisions!

Earn $50 for Each Video!
If you are asked to answer 7 questions, you will be rewarded with $50! 1 question is rewarded with $10. Payment is distributed via PayPal and is received 24 hours after you complete and send in your video survey.

Tips to Record a Great Video
Mindswarms reminds its panelists of a few tips and tricks that can be used to record a great video. They are as follows:

  • Letting out your emotions is encouraged, and don’t forget to be yourself!
  • Be honest with all of your responses
  • Light your face, shoot from the hip and show the product
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Take the full minute to respond to each question for well-rounded answers

Recommend Studies to your Friends
Encourage your friends to take advantage of the great rewards and the excitement of recording video answers. There is a specific section on each member account that allows you to refer your friends to studies that may interest them.

Eligibility: International members accepted

"Low and low pay"
June 09, 2017 by vernon from United States

It's like the other sites that offer different ways to make very little money. I did some surveys with and all were extremely low pay. sorry tin cans again

"Love MindSwarms so Far"
August 13, 2016 by Kathy from United States

I rated MindSwarms a 4 because I did not get the first surveys directly but was referred by a different survey company so I am not sure if I can attribute that to MindSwarms or to the other survey company that referred me. I was paid $120 for 12 video questions completed on my iPhone which took me about 2 hours total in 24 hours and the money was in my bank account (via PayPal) within 4 days! I thought that was wonderful. I applied for another survey and received an email that I was denied so not sure if that is because I just completed a survey with 2 parts and they wanted to give other people a chance or if it was because I wasn't a match. But so far I really do like this company. It would be really nice to get 1-2 of these surveys each month to pay for my internet and cell phone service.

July 31, 2016 by Teresa from United States


I applied for many surveys and got turn down immediately. I have over 40 years as a senior accountant with outstanding background. They never will give you a chance. DO NOT APPLY.

"Mindswarms makes me angry."
May 12, 2016 by Henk from United States

This site I feel like totally takes advantage of their users. I've qualified for tons of studies based on the pre-qualifier and then they send me an email saying I didn't qualify.

"I Really Miss Them..."
March 12, 2015 by Neon from United States

- Primarily, the information on MindSwarms is fairly outdated and inaccurate.
- I am honestly nostalgic of when they were barely growing as a survey panel, their video surveys paid about 50$ per 7 question survey, and their support was lightning fast and their surveys were about only 30 minutes in average length. The prime time for joining this Past titan survey company is NOW long gone. Now...
Frankly, this survey company conducts their research with an inadequate and shady method. Each Survey is ridiculously long, (their 20 minute claims are outrageously inaccurate), The pay is somewhat good, but they are basically valuing your time at approximately $6.60 an hour (based on the math done according to the panel's average pay rate per survey.)
-Their hosted support takes approximately 8 days reply, (from my latest experience.)
-----> Can't wait to cash out and deactivate my account from MindSwarms!




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