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Receive $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete. Payments made within 24 hours of study completion.
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Mindswarms General Information

"Mindswarms makes me angry."
May 12, 2016 by Henk from United States

This site I feel like totally takes advantage of their users. I've qualified for tons of studies based on the pre-qualifier and then they send me an email saying I didn't qualify.

"I Really Miss Them..."
March 12, 2015 by Neon from United States

- Primarily, the information on MindSwarms is fairly outdated and inaccurate.
- I am honestly nostalgic of when they were barely growing as a survey panel, their video surveys paid about 50$ per 7 question survey, and their support was lightning fast and their surveys were about only 30 minutes in average length. The prime time for joining this Past titan survey company is NOW long gone. Now...
Frankly, this survey company conducts their research with an inadequate and shady method. Each Survey is ridiculously long, (their 20 minute claims are outrageously inaccurate), The pay is somewhat good, but they are basically valuing your time at approximately $6.60 an hour (based on the math done according to the panel's average pay rate per survey.)
-Their hosted support takes approximately 8 days reply, (from my latest experience.)
-----> Can't wait to cash out and deactivate my account from MindSwarms!

"I am expecting some benefits "
December 28, 2014 by zakariae from Romania

I can see "Cash paid via PayPal, Online surveys, Mobile surveys, Receive $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete. Payments made within 24 hours of study completion." etc...
All this sound so attractive; I am expecting to take survey and get paid for that.
I saw a comment saying that for 6 months he/she did not get noticed for any survey... I hope this not going to be my case too.
However I am wishing you all success.

"Great Site - Highly Recommended!"
October 20, 2014 by Sharon from United States

I'm just adding to the chorus of praise, but this site and the surveys you'll get are super easy to do and pay very well! I do wish they had more surveys, but I just love the easy webcam format. The questions and activities are fun and they pay fast like they promised. I've never had to wait the full 24 hours to get paid. (Even if you don't have a webcam, Amazon has some cheap ones you can get from China, that just plug into your USB port, so don't let that stop you from making money with this site! Fun, fabulous site!

"Love this site!"
November 20, 2013 by Rachael from United States

I joined this panel, applied for a study, got accepted and then paid all I less than a day. 75 dollars for 7 minutes of my time? Yes please. Nothing but love for this panel!




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