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Get a $5 Signup Bonus with PointClub

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2021 Update: PointClub now offers a $5 joining bonus – up from $2!

PointClub has just been added to the SurveyPolice directory.

Get $2 $5 worth of free points

Join PointClub and receive up to 2,000 5,000 free points added to your account. You’ll get points for joining, points for confirming your email, and points for completing the profiler. 5,000 points is worth $5!

Signing up is a breeze

If you’re interested in becoming a member of PointClub, you can do so in literally a few seconds, by using your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t want to link these, you can always sign up using your email address too.

Use your points to get cash or gift cards


When you have $25 worth of points in your account (25,000 points), you can request a gift card for over 80 different stores. Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Macy’s are just a few options. If you prefer a pre-paid Visa card, you can choose that as well. You can also request a PayPal cash payment once you have a higher balance.

Earn more points through tasks

Earn more PointClub points by referring friends (earn 10% of your referral’s points), by taking part in points giveaways held on social media, as well as by completing special offers.

Earn points, even with screen outs

Even if you get screened-out, or disqualified from a survey, PointClub will still credit your account with 12 points! PointClub respects your time and provides rewards accordingly.


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  • There needs to be clarification on the 12 point “consolation” if you are disqualified from a survey.
    1. More times than not, you are rerouted to several surveys before you are given 12 points. A lot of time spent for 12 points, I suspect most people give up before getting the “delayed” points.
    2. Point Club is very good at giving you 12 points after you complete a survey and the survey even says you completed it. I currently have this issue and let Point Club know that if they do not give me the points by Friday, I will ask the BBB to weigh in.

    • Hi Catherine,

      PayPal is offered at the $50 level (50,000 points) and Amazon should be listed at the 10,000 point ($10) or 25,000 ($25) point level. If Amazon is not listed, it means they are currently short on gift codes and will re-add Amazon as a rewards option shortly.

      Please check your spam folder for the confirmation email, as there’s a good chance it’s there.

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