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2365 Pontiac Road, Auburn Hills, MI  48326 US
Tel: 248-239-2300  Contact: cpeterson@gongos.com
Operated by: Gongos Research

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Redemption Info
Earn $5 or 500 Tokens to cash-out. Pay outs are calculated at the end of every month and then paid by the 15th of the following month. Amazon gift voucher redemption is instant.

Consumer Village General Information

Consumer Village Surveys
Consumer Village was established in 2007 and is a unique online forum where you can share your opinion about thousands of global companies. Becoming a panel member is easy, just fill out a 2-minute membership survey. Start changing the future of your favorite products now!

Unique perks
Consumer Village members can take part in surveys, focus groups and discussion boards on the hottest topics. You can even create your own polls! Consumer Village also is concerned with helping charities. They donate $0.25 per 500 points redeemed for charity and 5% of all tokens earned by panelists is donated to charities from their own corporate pockets!

Members can accumulate tokens towards Amazon gift vouchers. Rewards correlate to how much you participate in the discussions and surveys. Focus groups are awarded with cash paid by checks, and can be around $75. Tokens are also earned towards sweepstakes each time you respond to a new sponsored topic. Sweepstakes are done monthly and 30, $10 prizes are awarded.

Rewards redemption
Panelists can redeem their accounts when they have accumulated $5 or 500 Tokens. Rewards are calculated at the end of each month and then dispersed via e-mail to panel members by the 15th of the next month. Amazon gift vouchers are awarded immediately when they are cashed out!

Survey invitations and app
Get more survey invitations by completing the "Profile Surveys" on your account. They can be found in the “New Surveys” area located on the website. Also, make sure to take part in surveys or discussions quickly by responding as soon as possible, as once they are filled they may be closed. A great way to do this is to download the Consumer Village mobile application named i°C. This allows users to respond quickly to survey invites or other offers.

Eligibility: United States residents only, 18 +

January 26, 2016 by Raymond from United States

I have been a member for a few years, and I like the short surveys compared to other sites. They are further apart, but have a much improved acceptance rate, and an easier cash out threshold. They have a couple sister sites that according to your stats, you may get an invitation for. They pay with amazon codes, which usually arrive before you can check your inbox.

"Lots of potential"
December 09, 2015 by Kevin from United States

I like this panel. The surveys are good, they pay fair and you can cash out without needing a large amount of points. Like other good panels they just don't have very many surveys.

"Decent, not a lot of money to be made"
December 03, 2015 by Adam from United States

The good: I've never had a problem with a survey I've been sent - either I qualify for it, or I don't, it tells me that in less than a minute, and I still get a dime or two in credit. Surveys I have qualified for, have also paid generally fairly well for the time spent taking them. I especially like one type of survey that I don't often see elsewhere, but have seen several times here, where they just post a short list of questions, you give free-form responses to that list of questions, then you get credit for it, no mindless bubble-filling required :). But the regular surveys are pretty short, too, for what they pay.

The bad: surveys are *stupidly rare*. After several months with this site, I've cashed out once ($5 in Amazon), and am almost able to cash out a second time. So not terribly impressive on that score. Their site is super clunky, too, but... functional, I guess. So no reason not to sign up, just don't expect to make much.

"Exceptionally Great"
June 10, 2015 by Akshay from India

Consumer Village is a good one because it's not just surveys. They have focus groups, discussions, and a wide variety of survey topics. They also reward you when you participate in topics or surveys that moderators control, which is a unique system that most other panels don't have. Really a great website.

"Good site"
January 29, 2015 by Jim from United States

I like this site because you can do surveys on your PC or smartphone. The surveys and questions are average.




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