Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites — Part 3: Referral Levels and Account Levels

Referral programs

illustration depicting referralsAll the GPT sites we’ve ever come across have a referral program, or refer-a-friend program available to their members. At its core, this involves receiving compensation for recommending a GPT site on your blog, social media accounts, via email, etc. using a unique link which will track every member who signs up under you. This can be a great way to jump start your earnings and can help you climb the ranks of user levels so that you’re able to receive your rewards faster, and sometimes, even at a discount.

Many referral programs are percentage based, which can be extra lucrative if your referrals are active participants in the program. Rather than getting a one-time payment, you could potentially earn endless amounts of money from your referrals for life, provided they continue to be an active member and the site itself remains in business.

Referring friends can not only boost your earnings, but is sometimes required to reach the highest account levels (if a GPT site offers membership account tiers).

Loyalty programs and account levels

illustration depicting account levelsMany sites offer their members multiple account levels which may include one-time point bonuses, faster reward processing times, discounts on rewards, and more.

In order to level up, you’ll typically either have to complete a certain number of offers, refer a certain number of people, or simply have accumulated an overall number of points.

The benefits you’ll receive for achieving platinum, diamond, gold, etc. status can really transform your experience with a gpt program from average to great, so if you’re close to cashing out your points but are close to leveling up, it might be worth waiting a little extra longer until you hit that next level. Doing so can mean getting the benefit of receiving your reward faster, or even cheaper.

The following GPT sites offer different account levels:

» PrizeRebel – Account levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Perks: Higher referral earnings percentages, automatic prize processing, special bonuses, prize discounts

» InboxDollars – Account levels: Standard, Gold
Perks: Gold members get faster rewards processing and additional referral rewards