Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites — Part 2: Choosing the Right Rewards

Reward Types:

Getting paid by PayPal

PaypalPayPal is the largest online payment processor in the world, and with most Western country users having a PayPal account, it’s no wonder many programs offer PayPal payments as a rewards option.

Note that although many GPT sites use PayPal to issue payments, some have chosen alternatives such as Payoneer. This is especially true if their member base is international.

PayPal payments are frequently processed quickly and can be received after only a few hours after requesting one. Watch for fees that PayPal may charge you for receiving such payments; some payments from GPT sites won’t have any fees associated with them, and others will. Pay attention to this the first time you cashout from any site, so that you know whether or not to consider using a different payment option with a particular site in the future.

GPT sites that pay by PayPal include:

» Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, InstaGC, SuperPay.me

Amazon gift cards

AmazonThese can come in the form of physical gift cards or e-gift cards. If you’re ever presented with the choice, we highly recommend you choose the digital gift card option; Amazon is a website, so you’ll have to be online anyway to make your orders, which means you might as well enter in a quick, simple code to redeem your gift card instantly.

We only recommend requesting a physical gift card if you’re looking to give it as a gift. There is something more endearing about receiving a tangible, plastic card that can be used towards your future purchases; receiving an email with a gift code in it doesn’t have the same effect.

GPT sites that pay by Amazon include:

» InstaGC, Swagbucks, Rewarding Ways, PrizeRebel

Getting paid by bitcoin

BitcoinFor those of you unfamiliar with bitcoin, it’s an open-source digital currency which facilitates the transfer of money at a low cost. Transactions are recorded using a shared public ledger (a block chain) and are made between Bitcoin wallets (users) using private keys (secret pieces of data) to prove ownership of wallets and to prevent alterations of transactions. We’ve written an in-depth guide about how to earn bitcoins taking online surveys, which also covers GPT sites.

Users who have Bitcoin wallets and who are keen on this payment method can use gpt programs who offer Snapcard as a payment option.

GPT sites who offer Bitcoin include:

» Superpay.me, instaGC and Rewarding Ways

Getting paid in other cryptocurrencies

If you’re looking to get paid in different cryptocurrencies, Freecash offers payments in including: bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and Dodgecoin. Get paid in crypto with as little as $.50 – $5.00 worth of coins in your account.

GPT sites that pay by check

chequeCash is king, and many people love getting checks for cold, hard cash. Although it’ll take longer to receive a check than say a PayPal payment, you can deposit it straight into your bank account without hassle.

The downside to checks is that some programs will charge an administration or check processing fee. Watch for this, and opt to request a medium sized balance (like $50), rather than a bunch of smaller payments.

Some programs will waive these fees during a certain time period, such as once monthly. Again, pay attention to this so that you can always maximize the amount of rewards you ultimately receive.

GPT sites that pay by check include:

» InstaGC and ySense

GPT sites with no minimum payout

no minimum required badgeMany users want this, yet when you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense…in order to get paid, you need to have an amount to get paid to begin with, so there’s always a “minimum amount” you need to withdraw. Nobody’s interested in receiving $0!

All cheekiness aside, the minimum redemption amounts for GPT sites varies widely. Our list of top GPT programs shows that most sites have a minimum withdrawal level of 1 cent to $30.

Although low redemption levels are nice, don’t get too fixated by the allure of a very low cashout minimum, especially once you become familiar with a site and have successfully cashed out once. After all, do you really want to be redeeming $1 gift cards? As long as you find redemption levels reasonable and achievable (which most are), we recommend thinking of low cashouts as a bonus rather than a main feature of a site.

GPT sites with low minimum payouts:

» QuickRewards Network ($0.01), Freecash ($0.10), InstaGC ($1.00), Swagbucks ($1.00 for e-gift cards), Superpay.me ($1.00)

Instant paying sites

speedometer on fireWhen you make a request to receive a gift card or a cash reward, you don’t want to have to wait long until you receive it. Preferably, you receive it instantly!

Most sites will take at least 24 hours to issue your PayPal payment of e-gift card. However, most GPT sites have loyalty programs where you can climb the ranks of account levels, based on the number of surveys you take, offers you complete, or friends you refer. If you’ve achieved the status of platinum for instance, you’re likely to have your rewards processed a lot sooner than someone who is new to the website.

With sites who issue payment checks or physical gift cards, there will always be a wait involved. Both rewards options will have processing times associated with them, as a check will need to be cut, or a physical gift card dropped in the mail. This, along with the time it takes for the postal service to get your reward to you, means that it’s impossible to ever receive these types of rewards instantly.

Instant paying GPT sites:

» InstaGC (Instant – 1-2 biz days), PrizeRebel (24 hours), Rewarding Ways (24 hours), QuickRewards Network (as quickly as 72 hours)