Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites — Part 4: Determining Legitimacy, Identifying Scams

Determining legitimacy

Which of the programs below are legitimate? Although we’ve verified that the GPT sites listed on SurveyPolice carry some degree of legitimacy (many have been around for over a decade), you can decide for yourself by consulting the hundreds our users have left for these sites.

On our Top Rated GPT Sites page, we rank all programs below based on user feedback. The program that has the most positive user reviews will be listed at the very top of the list.

Key characteristics of legitimate GPT websites:

  • the program is completely free to join
  • plenty of high paying offers and surveys are available
  • daily surveys are offered along with new frequent new trials and offers
  • hassle-free, quick payouts are provided
  • solid reputation; ideally, the site has been around for a few years and is established
  • an attainable minimum payout threshold (one that doesn’t exceed $25-$30)
  • quick response to customer service inquiries
  • sites who host their own member forums are an encouraging sign
  • no unreasonable account requirements (such as having to log in every month) in order to keep your account active
  • strong presence on social media; because these websites post bonus codes and new offers all the time, legitimate GPT sites tend to be unusually popular on social media
  • payment proofs posted on their website

During your internet searches, you might come across GPT programs that aren’t listed on SurveyPolice. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re illegitimate, though we do recommend exercising extreme caution if you’re considering joining such a community; there are many sites out there that don’t pay their members, sell their member information, and are a nightmare to deal with. Always do your research before providing your personal details to any such site online, or better yet, stick to the big name GPT sites that we list in our directory.

Identifying scams

What GPT scams typically look like:

  • No clear information on who actually owns the website and where they are located
  • Poor customer service, or none at all
  • Sites who that offer paid memberships
  • Completing surveys and offers and not receiving credit for them
  • Claiming extraordinarily high member earnings, especially in the case of new GPT websites
  • No public interactions with members; no member comments on social media, no forum or similar public platform, only positive self-promotion