Ultimate Guide to GPT Sites — Part 5: Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks

Whether you’re new to GPT sites, or a seasoned veteran, it’s always helpful to get some tips on how you can make the most of your membership to these programs.

Here are our top tips for maximizing your success:

  1. Before signing up for any GPT site, make sure you don’t do so using your primary email address. Get a new email address through Gmail, Hotmail, etc. that is separate from your personal stuff so that you don’t ever have to worry about something happening to it.
  2. If you shop online, check the GPT programs you’re a member of if they offer cashback at the stores you’re looking to buy from. Simply click the link to your favorite store while logged into your GPT account, and you may be credited a percentage of your purchase amount. This is one of the easiest ways of earning credits.
  3. Like listening to music? Many GPT sites have radio station programs that you can listen to for points. This is an easy, passive way of racking up extra points.
  4. If you don’t already have one, ensure you open a PayPal account so you can get paid cash faster than having to wait for a check.
  5. Use Roboform to save time filling out forms when you take surveys, sign up for offers, or even when you sign up with new GPT sites.
  6. Be wary about providing your credit card number for offers, unless you really are interested in them. Although completing offers can be the fastest way of earning points, if you don’t know what you’re signing up for, or forget to cancel a trial, you could be on the hook for charges you don’t want. If you do decide to give your credit card information for an offer, ensure you monitor it closely.
  7. If you decide to sign up for offers, ensure you check your e-mail for confirmation links, and next step emails after you sign up. This is often required as the final step in order to be properly credited. Check your spam folder if you don’t see a confirmation email you were expecting.
  8. If you have friends who you think would be interested in participating in gpt programs, make sure you grab your referral code from your account so that they sign up under you so you can earn a percentage of their earnings.
  9. Never leave a big balance in your account. This goes for survey sites too; you don’t ever want to keep hundreds of dollars in your account, waiting for one big lump sum, as something could jeopardize you ever seeing your cash. Your account could be hacked, the site could shut down, or your account could be flagged for fraud. Cashing out large sums of money often raises red flags, so opt for receiving 5, $20 payments for instance, rather than 1, $100 payment.
  10. Follow GPT sites on social media! Many of these programs regularly give away free points with special codes that expire after 24 hours. Simply copy and paste the code into your account, and you’ll be credited. As well, special giveaways and contests are frequently held with these programs, and notifications of rewards that are on sale are posted on fan pages. So, at the very least, follow your favorite ones on Facebook and Twitter so that you can stay in the loop.
  11. Monitor, or better yet, disable your adblocker, especially when playing games. If you have one enabled, you might have problems getting credited for certain activities like watching videos or playing games, or these features might not work at all.
  12. Keep track of the surveys you take and the offers you complete, and take screenshots of them! If you ever run into trouble getting credited for something, having proof in the form of a screenshot will make resolving the issue with the GPT site much easier. Send them a quick note that lists the name of the survey or offer, the amount you were supposed to be credited, along with a screenshot of the completion page at the very end of the survey or offer. Most GPT sites won’t have any problems crediting you if you’re able to supply them with this info.
  13. Have time to kill? Play a few games or watch some videos. If you ever find yourself bored online, playing simple games or watching some ads available in your GPT site account will help kill time while earning rewards.
  14. Become an Appen contributor so you can do micro tasks like proofreading, testing websites, data entry, and more. These short, easy tasks can be a fun and interesting way to earn cash, and most GPT sites offer small job opportunities hosted by Figure Eight.
  15. Besides special offers, some gpt sites offer coupons available for printing or for download to your mobile device. Be on the lookout for these, as they can not only help reduce your grocery bills, but you’ll typically earn points even for simply viewing them.
  16. Do your web searches using a GPT site’s search engine. Although most sites will impose a daily limit on how many searches you can perform, a simple strategy is to log into another one of your GPT site accounts once you’ve reached the maximum number of daily searches you can complete through one program.

Final tip: Sign up when a big bonus is offered

When you first join a GPT site, you might automatically have your account credited as “thank-you” for becoming a new member. This can be a great way to kickstart your way to your first reward, especially if you’re lucky enough to sign up when generous new member bonuses are offered!

Although these signup bonuses may change at any time, we’ve seen these GPT sites offer the following signup bonuses: