Goodbye Unverified Survey Panels

Sorry, but we've removed all of the information about what we used to refer to as "unverified" survey panels and companies from our website.

Why? Because SurveyPolice's focus is to provide information on legitimate online survey panels and not on websites who masquerade as survey panels but who are not.

SurveyPolice already manages a listing of hundreds of survey panels. There are hundreds, if not thousands more sites out there that fall into one of the above categories. We don't have the manpower to maintain a list encompassing everything remotely related to online surveys, so we drew the line: only legitimate survey panels and GPT programs are listed on SurveyPolice.


We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope you understand our reasons. With our focus narrowed, we hope that SurveyPolice provides you with a more accurate and better maintained listing of the survey panels and GPT programs that we do list on our website.

Speaking of which...

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