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Best Survey Sites of 2016

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Written by SurveyPolice

We’ve just published a list of (we feel) the best survey sites of 2016!

This is our third year selecting the top performing survey panels as our favorite selections for the year. These panels all share some similar attributes: they are legitimate, dependable, honest, and have plenty of positive user reviews on SurveyPolice!

Although there is some overlap from previous years (see 2014 and 2015‘s selections), we’re pleased that both new and old survey sites are stepping up their game to really improve the online survey taking experience.

Let us know what you think of our selections by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, or leave your reviews on SurveyPolice.

SurveyPolice top survey sites of 2016

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    • Hi Mike,

      You definitely do not have to pay anything to take surveys! Market research companies are interested in what you have to say and will pay you for your opinions. As they are happy to have new members join, there is absolutely no reason to have to pay anyone for a list of survey sites to join.

      You can find a list of the top rated survey companies on our website (all completely free to join) here: https://www.surveypolice.com/rankings

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