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More Surveys Now Available Through Loop Surveys

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Loop Surveys has been busy over the past few months making significant changes to their survey platform. These new updates make survey taking easier and smoother than ever before.

If you’re already familiar with Loop Surveys, you know that this survey panel is available to residents of the USA and Canada, awards cash values for surveys and sends frequent invitations to complete studies.

New design interface

Loop Survey’s new design interface has made the website easier to navigate and find new surveys, view your account information, your earnings, and more.

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Surveys galore!

The revamped survey inventory now includes more surveys than ever, including daily survey opportunities. You’ll also see higher paying surveys and should find it easier to qualify for surveys.

Engagement score

The Loop Engagement Score rewards members who provide quality answers in the studies they take part in. The score is based on a number of factors including attentiveness, quality of open ended responses and how your survey completion times compare to those of other users.

Improvements for Canadians

If you’re Canadian, you’ll be pleased to see more survey opportunities available in your account. If you prefer taking surveys in French, you can also choose to take surveys in your native language.

Log in to see for yourself

If you’re already a member of Loop Surveys, log in to your account to take a look at these new changes.

2 dollarsIf you’re new to Loop, receive a 200 point bonus (worth $2.00) added to your account, immediately after registering. Receive email notifications when new surveys are added, and complete them for cash which you can redeem in the form of pre-paid Visa cards (which can be used almost anywhere).

Get Your $2.00 Bonus from Loop Surveys


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  • The LOOP ENGAGEMENT SCORE involves items such as attentiveness, or answering open ended questions. In addition, the Score includes the length of time it would take me in comparison to other members. This puzzles me because survey companies penalize for “speeding” through surveys. As a result of this I have slowed down considerably. Explain please?

    • Hi Lillian,

      That’s correct – the Loop Engagement Score will compare the time it takes you to complete a survey to the times of other members. You’re unlikely to be penalized if you’re taking more time to complete surveys as compared to the average. The focus is on speeders, as you point out. So if it takes you half the time to complete a survey than it does for most others, your Engagement Score may be affected. Speeding through surveys may not only indicate that a survey taker is not spending time on their responses, it may also reveal that they are non-human (i.e. a bot).

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