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Online Survey Website Safety Checklist

Written by SurveyPolice

If you’re unsure whether a survey website you come across is safe, use this checklist before giving out any of your personal information.

How to use: Click the button next to the question to change your answer from “no” to “yes”!

check for quality


check for legitimacy

Extra bonus points:


If you answered NO to any of the questions, except the bonus questions, be very very leery of providing your personal information to the website!

Too many “no’s” could put you at risk

There are hundreds of legitimate online survey websites run by reputable market research companies who would love to have you as a member! Don’t risk being spammed, having your information sold, or putting yourself at risk of phishing scams by providing your information to a website you don’t trust. If you’ve answered “no” to more than one or two of the questions above, do not join the website!

Always do your research

Your information is valuable so be careful who you share it with. If you stumble across a survey website that is not listed on SurveyPolice and are interested in joining it, first, follow the checks above to make sure it’s legitimate, and then enter the name of the website into a search engine to see if anything comes up. Find reviews, forum posts, etc. pertaining to the website to see what they’re about.

If your research proves to be fruitless, feel free to submit the panel to SurveyPolice. The website might be new, very small, or flew under our radar, which is why it might not be listed on our website but doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate.

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