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Telephone surveys
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Although answering surveys over the phone is becoming less and less common, telephone surveys are still used by market research companies to collect data.

Impact of the Do Not Call Registry

With the Do Not Call registry, market research must maintain their own opt-out lists of people who do not wish to participate in research conducted via telephone, however, they are exempt from being governed under Do Not Call rules. These rules are in place for firms looking to make sales over the phone; Market research companies and polling firms are not selling anything, so they are still able to conduct research over the phone.

That said, telephone surveys are not nearly as popular as they once were, as it is expensive to run a call center, and it’s difficult to eliminate interview bias. Online paid surveys have taken the place of talking to a telephone interviewer, though telephone surveys do still exist.

If you enjoy taking surveys over the phone and wish to participate willingly, there are still options available to you.

Surveys you can answer over the telephone

Paid telephone surveys consist of a phone interview; that is, a person will call you and conduct a survey. Some companies use phone surveys as a way to gauge customer service experiences, after you might do something like use a teller at the bank, or buy a new vehicle. These surveys do not typically offer any sort of compensation, though they can be a way to vent if you’ve had a less-than-ideal interaction with the company!

If you’re looking to earn rewards for participating in telephone surveys, there are definitely some options. The first thing to do is to become a member of survey sites who specifically conduct telephone interviews. If you are asked for your phone number, be sure to provide it. As well, you might have to agree separately to participating in phone surveys via a special checkbox, etc. – look for these when you complete your registration, or via the “Profile” link in your account.

telephoneSome surveys sites who are known to conduct telephone surveys include: Harris Poll Online and more.

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Note the distinction with mobile surveys

Notice that telephone interviews are different from mobile surveys in that during a telephone interview, you are speaking with a live person. With mobile surveys, you are simply answering surveys in a web browser or via text message (SMS) using your mobile device without ever talking to an interviewer.

If mobile surveys appeal to you more than telephone surveys, you’re in luck! There are many survey companies who offer their members mobile surveys. This is an especially great way to earn a few extra dollars when you’re waiting for the bus, are in between classes in college, or are playing on your cell phone anyway.

cellphoneMobile survey providers include: Opinion Outpost, YouGov, OneOpinion, Epoll Surveys, and OpinionWorld.

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Still a little different are mobile apps

Most survey companies are a little slow in that they haven’t yet invested in the creation of a standalone mobile app for their users to take surveys through. Creating mobile-friendly surveys is relatively straightforward, but creating and maintaining an Android or iOS app requires a considerable amount of resources.

That said, there are some pretty progressive survey panels out there who do offer their users the option of downloading their survey apps so they can take surveys, check their points balance, and request rewards all in one place.

mobile appThese survey sites include: MyPoints, Toluna Influencers, Ipsos i-Say, and LEO Surveys.

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