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Are You a Millennial? Check out MAVY

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If you’re a millennial, you likely feel misunderstood and frustrated by the media’s portrayal of your generation. MAVY (short for Mavericks), is an online community run by millennials, for millennials and it’s seeking to bridge the gap between millennial consumers and businesses.

Get rewarded for participating

Through quizzes, surveys, and discussion boards, tell your favorite brands what you want. Get them to know your needs, interests and desires and collect badges and points along the way. Trade in your points for gift certificates to places like Amazon and Target while helping shape the future of the marketplace. Get opportunities to win cool sweepstakes, too!

The more you use it, the stronger your impact will be.

Availability is limited

If you’re interested in repping your generation to your businesses, check out MAVY.

Available for a limited time only to millennial USA residents only

Join the MAVY Community

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