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Survey Junkie has officially been added to the SurveyPolice directory of online survey panels. While not a new survey site, Survey Junkie is new to SurveyPolice.

A community of millions of survey takers

Survey Junkie currently has over 20 million survey takers across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia who have joined their community. With surveys taking just 15 minutes to complete on average, and point approvals completed within 24 hours, the site has gained popularity in recent years.

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Take surveys on your phone using the app

Survey Junkie offers a mobile app on both iOS and Android which mimics the main website. You can take surveys directly from your phone, check your points balance, and redeem your points for a rewards redemption. The app is a convenient way to take surveys when you’re not at your computer, and notifications of new surveys make it easier to complete surveys straight as soon as they become available.

Earn disqualification points

If you get disqualified from completing a survey, Survey Junkie will still award you points just for trying to complete it.

Earn PayPal cash and more

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When your account reaches a balance of 500 points (worth $5), you can redeem your points for a reward. Rewards options include PayPal payments made instantly to your PayPal account, as well as bank deposits and e-gift cards (which are available to USA members only). Note that although rewards are typically issued instantly, you may be required to verify your identity (via SMS, etc.) before receiving your reward.

Add Survey Junkie to your Survey Tracker

If you’re already a member of Survey Junkie, you will now be able to add any surveys you take with the panel to your Survey Tracker (located in your SurveyPolice account dashboard). Simply select Survey Junkie from the dropdown list and add in your completed surveys!

Eligibility: Open to residents age 13+ of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Joining bonus: Get 50 free points for joining and simply confirming your e-mail address


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  • I was a member of Survey Junkie for almost 4 years the 1st time I wrote about their site they were not members of Survey Police but since becoming members the chances of getting a survey has dropped to 1 in 5, most have something like 5 minutes/25 points and when you try and take that survey it turns into a 25 minute survey. The last payout I received took 43 days to reach $10 and change. They really used to be a good site but all that has changed and I dropped them for wasting my time.

  • I am a past member of Survey Junkie. The site utilizes software in an attempt to weed out legitimate survey takers from bot programs. Unfortunately this software has glitches and makes a lot of mistakes which results in many survey takers not being able to redeem their points. The Better Business Bureau of San Jose, California has received hundreds of complaints about this survey site not paying. I was personally owed $40.00 in credits when I was disqualified and no reason was given. Fortunately the Better Business Bureau was able to get my money for me. Don’t allow yourself to be ripped off.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, as scammers and users in poor countries utilize more and more sophisticated measures to trick survey companies, the survey companies themselves must also up their game. In the process however, legitimate survey takers can get caught in the middle. We’re glad you were ultimately able to collect your payment.

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