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MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket Become LifePoints

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Update: As of 2020, the GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey websites have been completely shut down.

In February of 2019, the MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket online survey panels became LifePoints. This transition was in the works for a long time, but finally became a reality in many counties at that time.

LifePoints is still operated by the same company – Lightspeed Research Limited, so there is no change in ownership.

Your account details should remain the same

You should be able to use your GlobalTestMarket or MySurvey credentials to log in to your LifePoints account. As well, because both panels changed their points systems to ‘LifePoints’ a while back, your balance in your new LifePoints panel account should be the same as your previous accounts.

If this isn’t the case, be sure to contact LifePoints. Some users have reported missing points, or have had problems logging into their new LifePoints accounts. Especially with regards to missing points, it seems that customer service has been active in rectifying these issues and have issued credits.

LifePoints App discontinued

LifePoints appThe LifePoints App launched mid-2017 and has been removed from the Apple Store and Google Play. According to the LifePoints App website, “Our app has been discontinued as we have launched the new LifePoints website.”

New: Earn points for survey disqualifications

If you were disqualified from taking surveys with MySurvey or GTM, you earned a sweepstakes entry. These sweepstakes have been discontinued and have been replaced with point credits.

Now when you get disqualified from taking a survey, you will earn 1 to 3 points, up to a maximum of 10 points per day. Although small, these extra points may help you reach your reward goals sooner.

Much of the same

The LifePoints panel isn’t hugely different from the old MySurvey or GlobalTestMarket panels outside of a more modern website design, which is a huge improvement from the old sites. The rewards themselves have remained unchanged, and the survey taking process is the same.

Transition complete

The transition over to LifePoints seems to have occurred first in Canada, then the UK, and most recently, in the USA. As of January 2020, the old MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket websites are no longer operational.

LifePoints has completely and officially replaced the GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey panel in all countries.

Not yet a member of LifePoints? Join and get 10 free points.

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  • Since a few days ago, I’ve been getting the following when trying to access their siite. The message is displayed immediately:

    “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”

    This does not seem like a downtime message and there is no logo. I’m wondering if they’ve gone out of business or did not pay their web host.

  • Since the changeover to LifePoints I have had nothing but trouble. Every day I get tons of email invitations and when I go to my Dashboard, there are lots of surveys listed. Whenever I try to do one either I get an error saying I already did the survey, which is true sometimes, or I complete the survey and get an error message from Cint or Opinion Outpost instead of being directed back to Lifepoints to be rewarded or I do some of a survey and an error appears. After cashing out most of my points initially, I rarely can earn any more because they won’t let me actually complete any surveys. The help desk is of minimal help and give general answers and I am getting fed up. There are about 20 surveys showing on my Dashboard, most I have already tried and they did not work for me. I was a successful member of My Survey and GTM for more than 10 years with no issues and now it is not working for me. I am very discouraged.

  • I am a long standing member of both Global Test Market & My Survey. Since the changeover to Lifepoints I am unable to access my account despite contacting them on numerous occasions. I noticed on the Lifepoints Facebook page, other people are having the same issues.

    No feedback whatsoever – not impressed!

    • Hi Quentin,

      If you were a member of GlobalTestMarket or MySurvey and the new LifePoints website is available in your country, your account will automatically be transferred over to Lifepoints – no need to re-join the panel.

      The transition is still in progress in some countries, so depending on where you’re from, it may still be a few weeks until the move to Lifepoints is complete.

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