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MySurvey General Information


MySurvey is an online survey community where members can influence the future of the products and services that they use each and every day. Become a member and share your unique opinions and experiences! Register through your PC or download the mobile application from Google Play or the App Store.

Survey Types
Take online surveys on a variety of different topics. Typically earn between 10-500 points for each survey you successfully complete.

Reward Types and Amounts
My Survey offers an extensive number of reward options:

  • exchange your points for a payment to your PayPal account.1200 points = $10 PayPal payment, 1800 Points = $15 Paypal, and 2400 Points = $20 Paypal.
  • exchange your points for an e-voucher from a variety of different retailers. These include: Amazon, Boston Pizza, Aldo, Macy's, Payless Shoes, the Olive Garden, and many more (1,100 points = $10 gift card).
  • exchange your points for a cash donation to a variety of different charities. (1,100 points = $10 charity donation).
  • exchange your points for merchandise including small electronics, jewelry, small kitchen appliances, more. There are dozens of options to choose from. Point amounts vary per item.

Product Testing Opportunities
Occasionally MySurvey may offer product testing opportunities to their members.

Web Cam Surveys
My Survey recently introduced to its members the opportunity to take webcam surveys.

Referral Program:
MySurvey offers a referral program whereby referring friends and family from other households will net you 150 points (worth approximately $1.50).

Bonus Sweepstakes Opportunities
Every month, a few members are randomly selected to receive 10,000 points in exchange for being active survey takers. For certain surveys completed, you will receive an entry into this same sweepstakes; the more surveys you complete, the better your chances of winning the draw. Each prize is worth around $100. Earn 5 bonus entries each month, just for being a member.

Eligibility: Must be age 16+ to participate in USA, 14+ in Canada. Other countries may vary.

Note: The MySurvey and Lightspeed panels have merged into one and are now simply known as "MySurvey."

"Questionable methods"
January 16, 2017 by Edwin from United States

The last two times I participated in their "beverage survey" which awards 400 points for participating over a 7 day period they have found an excuse not to award me the points. The first time I thought perhaps it was a technical glitch so I let it go but this morning when I completed the survey and clicked the submit button the survey page had some issue so I signed out and signed back in and clicked on the survey button again I got the message that my account had been disabled. I had a fair amount of points accumulated but rather than play childish games I unsubscribed and forfeited the points, obviously they need them more than I do.

"Enjoyable surveys "
January 10, 2017 by Donna from United States

I really enjoyed the survey. It held my interest and asked questions that were important to me. I liked the questions about how the ads effected me. I do sometimes find ads aggravating. Some ads seem to insult my intelligence and so make me angry. I appreciated that I was asked if these ads made me feel this way.

"Serious Downgrade"
January 09, 2017 by Bill from United States

I was happy with them till about a year ago, I couldnt open my account to take surveys, I sent inquiry from form on their site, they reopened my acct but then it shut down again and they dont reply to my inquiries any more. I had enough in my acct to cash out and it's stuck there, now. I had some problems in the past that were resolved quickly, now I just get the silent treatment. It's seem this is a fairly common issue with them. Too bad as I was getting over $100 a year from them from surveys and product tests.

*old* I've been using My Survey for going on 3 years and have little complaint. They credit surveys immediately, If you have a problem, they respond quickly and will usually fix it very fast. I had an issue earlier this year where I did not get paid for a cash-out request I had submitted on Jan 4, 2014. I was given a run around at first, but after I showed that their fulfillment vendor (Perks.com) didnt receive the payout request, they credited my account back the points and I was able to submit a new payout request. That took almost a month of back and forth email, which got me a bit angry, but the problem got resolved to my satisfaction. Only thing bad I can say about My Survey is that they are slow to pay out sometimes, I have had to wait 3 weeks to get payment sent to my PayPal account. They are a little inconsistent in the wait time, sometimes I get paid in a week sometimes its 3. They do make life interesting!

"Inactive account?!"
January 06, 2017 by Amanda from United Kingdom

I was with MySurvey for several years and earned a little with them, even though the surveys were rather dull. However, my account was marked as inactive. I contacted their customer services, who said that I had been flagged because I was using public (in this case a hotel's) wifi to connect. Fair enough, I thought, and they reinstated me. Then, after about a month, my account was marked as inactive again - this time, I had used my home broadband consistently. I figured it was not worth bothering with anymore, and gave up - the surveys were getting longer and more repetitive, and I suspect just data-crunching. From what I see here, the surveys are now not crediting as they should, which makes me glad I gave up! Don't waste your time.

"They used to be good....not any more"
December 28, 2016 by guang from United States

I was with them for several years. Used to be pretty good, but now they don't give proper credits any more, plus when you finish surveys, they are constantly malfunctioning and not giving credit. I quit eventually, not worth the trouble.




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