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You Know You’ve Taken Too Many Online Surveys When…

Too many surveys
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If you’ve been taking online surveys for a while, you might start to notice certain behaviors infiltrating your regular life! Here are ways of telling you’ve taken too many online surveys…

I told you already

You buy something online and get confused when you’re only asked for your personal details once instead of at least three times.

shopping carts

You instinctively inform the grocery store cashier that you’re the primary grocery shopper.


Your mailbox contains more checks than bills.


You know exactly how many surveys you need to take before getting that sweet popcorn maker.

Strongly agree

When you talk to your friends, you say things like, “I strongly agree”, “I somewhat agree”, “I strongly disagree”.

Grid question box

You know what grid questions are and why they suck.

Mobile phone user

You know where the free wi-fi is across town so you can take surveys on your phone using free data.

progress bar

You think website progress bars are the biggest lie ever.


You’re always trying to figure out who sent you that last PayPal payment.


Before making a purchase on Amazon, you need to enter in at least 12 gift codes.

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