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Changes Impacting Angus Reid Forum, Your Insights, Maru Voice Canada

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In April 2018, some big changes impacted three Canadian survey panels – Angus Reid Forum, Your Insights, and Maru Voice Canada. The changes are confusing and have left many survey takers scratching their heads, so we’d like to help clarify what these changes meant for panel members and their accounts.

What happened?

Insight’s West ran a survey panel for many years known as the ‘Your Insights Panel’, which had 30,000 Canadian members. At the end of April, 2018, the panel was ‘rebranded’ as the Angus Reid Forum. Member accounts were shifted over and users were asked to log into the Angus Reid Forum website in order to access their accounts.

Prior to this however, Angus Reid Forum was already a survey panel. The member accounts of this survey panel were moved over to Maru Voice Canada before the members of Your Insights were moved to Angus Reid Forum.

Confused? Many members are. Here is a diagram to help clarify these changes:

Angus Reid Forum Maru Voice Canada

The original Angus Reid Forum

Old Angus Reid Forum LogoMaru Voice Canada is the new name of the panel that was formally known as Angus Reid Forum. Previous members of Angus Reid Forum had their accounts shifted to Maru Voice Canada, which essentially operates the same as the old Angus Reid Forum; rewards are the same, redemption levels have remained unchanged. The only notable difference is in the branding.

If you were a member of Angus Reid Forum before your account was shifted to Maru Voice Canada, you are still eligible to join Angus Reid Forum, as the panel is completely independent from what it once was.

The new Angus Reid Forum

New Angus Reid Forum LogoIf you joined Angus Reid Forum after April, 2018, you will not be affected by these changes. If you joined the panel before this time, your account was shifted to Maru Voice Canada. If you were originally a member of Your Insights, your account was moved to the new Angus Reid Forum.

The original Angus Reid Forum has little in common with the old Angus Reid Forum; the branding is different, the redemption levels and reward options are different, and the original members are different.

What happened to Your Insights?

Your Insights LogoThe website redirects to the new Angus Reid Forum website. If you originally joined Your Insights, your account has been moved to the new Angus Reid Forum. Note that if you’re interested in becoming a member of Maru Voice Canada, you can certainly do so.

What did SurveyPolice do to reflect these changes?

Because the Your Insights essentially became Angus Reid Forum and the original Angus Reid Forum became Maru Voice Canada, we moved reviews left for these panels over to their new panel names; so reviews left for Your Insights were moved to Angus Reid Forum, and original reviews left for Angus Reid Forum were moved to Maru Voice Canada, which we subsequently added to the main SurveyPolice directory.

Additional information and reviews on Angus Reid Forum and Maru Voice Canada:

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  • I was a member of Angus Reid and was switched to Maru. I find the surveys from each to be quite different. Angus Reid was more political based and Maru seems to be more consumer based. I do like the Angus Reid better.

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