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Quickthoughts app
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QuickThoughts is the latest survey panel to be listed on SurveyPolice. It’s ready for your feedback and reviews!

How to Use it

QuickThoughts is an app available through Google Play and in the iTunes store. You can use it on both your mobile phone and on tablet devices such as iPads.

How it Works

Download the app and get notified of new survey opportunities, directly through the app. Not only can you complete regular mobile surveys on your device, you may also be asked to complete fun assignments where you may be asked to take pictures of products with your phone or tablet. Simply use the “Find Local Activities” feature to scan the area you’re in for location-based survey assignments.

Rewards Offered

When your account reaches a $10 balance (£10 in the UK), you can request an Amazon Gift code or an iTunes gift code.

The code will display through the app, and you can immediately use your code to make purchases through your phone, or copy it down, and use the code the next time you make a purchase through your desktop computer.

QuickThoughts is Popular!

The app has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on Google Play, and has paid out approximately $2,000,000 to members.

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